chris burt-allan: THE MENSWEAR EXPERT

Described as a “globe-trotting menswear guru”, Chris Burt-Allan is a travel, fashion and lifestyle influencer. What happened prior to this? A former model and with a career in strategic marketing, three years ago he decided to open his blog ‘astylishman’. After gracing the pages of the most prestigious publications and the success of his new project he decided to become a full time digital tastemaker.

How do you imagine the evolution of the social world and of your business?
All indicators point the the digital world growing indefinitely. Naturally, more and more people and brands will participate in Influencer Marketing, and the whole industry will normalise with time and scale. That said, I try and avoid situations where I am commoditised as an influencer, because that erodes value. I want to be seen as having unique value within the industry. I have no doubt that my business will develop extensively, just as it has done in the past. I am passionate about my life, fuelled by a desire for self-improvement and mastery, and am committed to sharing my journey with my audience. The fact that further opportunities come to fruition as a result of my digital relationships and skill in sharing insights is super cool. I could never walk away from that.

What is that attracts men when it comes to fashion nowadays?
Self-expression. It all comes down to messaging. Provided there’s a consciousness to it, people want to say something with their clothing. That could be ‘I’m sophisticated’, ‘I want to be respected’, ‘I’m rich’, ‘don’t mess with me’ or even ‘I don’t care about fashion’. I think it either comes down to showing who you are or what you want to be perceived as.

Favorite wardrobe staples?
Tailored swim shorts, high-waisted trousers (wool/corduroy/tweed/linen/ denim), roll-neck knits, boots and cropped jackets. I wear a lot of casual shoes. When it comes to formal I go for Church’s.
Beauty tips for men who always want to look good? Enjoy the process of looking after yourself… don’t get caught up in perfection.

Why people follow you? And why they should follow you?
You’d have to ask my followers! People should follow me if they like my vibe, my energy and want to learn more about travel, fashion and life as I see it.

Photographer| Joe Harper
Stylist| Giorgia Cantarini

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