The American designer Greg Lauren creates Collide, a selection of unique coats realized with Moncler for the FW 2017-18 collection. Moncler down jackets are presented in a dismantled and reinvented way, with unexpected lines, components of denim and other very worn fabrics included into puffer jackets. Collide is a unique artwork that has just been presented in Paris. Greg Lauren, fascinating painter and sculptor, mapped out a journey around the idea of men’s suiting as a medium for interpretation and personification, a meeting between style and role which revealed his ability to overlap different aesthetic fields and approaches. Remo Ruffini declares: “Greg Lauren is first and foremost an artist, but also a designer who experiments with new languages”. The collaboration with Moncler reflects his own collection’s signature use of ‘‘repurposed fabrics’’ as well as unique juxtapositions of iconic references. Greg Lauren, who was born in a family in which tailoring is considered something religious says:‘ ‘I love taking iconic ideas and reinterpreting them through the artistic blender, deconstructing what we thought we knew, so that we see it differently, a familiar vocabulary becomes a new language, one which we can still connect to emotionally”. Collide is a Limited Edition collection which is available in three different colour ways: classic Moncler two-tone in flame red and light blue, black and military green. The collection will be on sale  from Fall 2017.

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