De Martini «On Instagram I share my pursuit of dreams»

A definitely abuzz Instagram profile, with shots and stories capable of engaging his followers (almost 150K, a figure that keeps growing) and fans. Posts depicting him in the kitchen, gym, or with his girlfriend Carlotta Ferlito, professional gymnast too. Matteo De Martini, Italian artistic gymnastic champion, has told us about his relationship with social networks, his passions, dreams and great resolve to pursue and accomplish them.

How important are social networks and how much do you use them?
Social networks represent for me the main source of media information, both public and private. They also represent a job opportunity for millions of people involved in collaborations and partnerships globally. I believe that they are by now a consolidated part of everyday life, although they are often diminished by people who don’t really understand their real potential. During the day, I happen to use them very often to brows pages and topics I am interested in, or simply to while away time.

What kind of image of yourself do you propose to your followers?
I try to convey a realistic image, based on my experiences, what I do day by day, I post fun contents about my agonistic activity. I think that it is important to be true to yourself, also in front of the camera, instead of trying to create a “character” with the sole purpose of attracting “followers”. With the help offered by the Media Digital Agency – whom I ask for advice before posting my contents – I’m learning to understand how people interpret what I try to propose, sometimes a second point of view is needed. ”

Is there a social network that you use more than the others, and why?
Instagram, I really enjoy taking pictures that break the mould and edit them as I like. I believe that every single post mirrors, in some way, the personality of his author. In the 21st century everybody wants to know something more about other people’s private life and, thanks to “Instagram Stories”, this is possible. The latter are often used to tell about one’s day or some important event. That’s why I think Instagram is the most popular social media.

What are your recommendations to those who see you as a role model, both in life and in sport?
Pursue your passions, persist until you achieve your goals. It may sound obvious, but I really believe that perseverance is critical to prove to yourself and to others that goals are not unattainable, and that limits can be overcome.

Which mental and physical qualities does your sport require?
Artistic gymnastic requires much discipline and perseverance. Although an exercise lasts 60 seconds on average, each single movement must be repeated until exhaustion. Constant, almost obsessive, practice until perfect execution taught me a lot on how to face everyday challenges. There is no precise physical standard to practice this sport. I, for example have always been very long-limbed and frail, until I was 16, I was not able to perform movements of pure force that my mates executed very naturally. You have to be patient and train a lot. What is really needed, and this also takes time, is concentration: while training it is important to stay focused on what you are doing, to avoid injuries and for proper exercise execution.

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