Discovering Florence through the senses: 5 things to see.

The Tuscan capital, the cradle of culture, history, and art, is the emblem of the perfect Italian city to go on a pleasant trip. The pleasure itself is the common thread of these five beautiful experiences taken into consideration. Florence is a place where the harmony between man and landscape finds its maximum expression, but it is also a lively and pleasurable city. Finding tours that allow discovering the city through the five senses is a great way to perceive its most authentic nature. 

Ponte Vecchio on the Arno river

5 things to do and see in Florence

Let’s see what to visit in Florence, taking into account tours of appreciated sites such as, an official website addressed to tourists, but also residents, about everything you can do in Florence to live an original experience in the Tuscan city. 

  1. Florence to see: walking tour
  2. Sensuality in Florence, a city to love
  3. The cradle of handcraft, explore Florence with touch
  4. Florence to taste: a triumph of flavors
  5. The harmony of nature: the fragrant gardens in Florence

Florence to see: walking tour

When visiting Florence, the most stimulated sense is the sight because you are immersed in the beauty wherever you look. The cheapest options, but no less interesting to discover Florence, are the walking tours that lead to the various pearls of Renaissance Florence. Rather than venturing alone, relying on certified tour guides explaining in your language enables you to concentrate exclusively on the city’s most fascinating places. The guides will tell all the most interesting anecdotes related to the well-known monuments from a local perspective. 

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Sensuality in Florence, a city to love

One of the most particular tours in Florence is the one that makes you discover a forbidden city. The former brothels in Florence tell stories about licit and illicit love, romantic attachments, but also fatal betrayals. An expert guide will lead you to the lesser-known side of Florence, starting from the Colonna dell’Abbondanza (Column of Abundance) in Piazza della Repubblica. This tour develops abstractly through the various love affairs of one of the most romantic cities in the world and allows you to learn some curiosities about the “Florentine Madonne”. As benefits tours like these, the conclusion leads to the discovery of a sensual cocktail, born in Florence, which still pays tribute to its inventor, Count Camillo Negroni

Negroni cocktail

The cradle of handcraft, explore Florence with touch

The handcraft represents one of the excellence of the Tuscan capital, especially in sectors related to the production of accessories and jewelry. The tour ” explore Oltrarno” is the best option to discover an amazing area of Florence where it is possible to walk around craft shops and artistic masterpieces. With the tour offered by Destination Florence, one of the most valuable operators in the city, you can put yourself in the artisans’ shoes. Starting from the beautiful Piazza de’ Pitti, you can visit some still up and running laboratories where expert artisans produce gold and silver jewels and engravings. Then the tour reaches another site of interest, often underestimated by usual tourist itineraries, the marvelous Piazza Santo Spirito where you can find boutiques and studies of art. Seeing first-hand the artisan skills has never been so simple and fun. 

Florence to taste: a triumph of flavors

A cooking course in Florence is one of the most popular experiences. Led by a chef, you will discover the Tuscan gastronomic heritage, choosing only the best ingredients to cook traditional dishes. The course will take place in a cozy place where you can feel at ease and, before starting it, you can taste some food. You will learn how to cook delicious traditional dishes, such as bruschetta, handmade pasta, sauces, and dessert so that you can have dinner and know the ingredients of the meal. Everything, of course, will be accompanied by a good glass of Tuscan wine


The harmony of nature: the fragrant gardens in Florence. 

As shown by the Officina Santa Maria Novella and the tradition of Florentine perfumers, the city gardens are a natural research laboratory. Those who have a refined olfactory sense can smell the scents from which they get the best perfumes. Six gardens in Florence, hidden behind majestic palaces, are green and botanic places waiting to be explored. The best known, including Bardini, Boboli, and the Garden of Roses, happen places where art, architecture, and nature harmoniously. Destination Florence’s tour gives the chance to use a luxury Mercedes minivan and, with an expert guide, let yourself be pampered by these natural lookouts in the city center. 

Besides being a stunning art city, Florence can be explored through a different lens, more immediate and sensual. All these tours are the perfect starting points for all those who want to be led by smell, touch, sight, and taste to discover Florence. 

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