Men’s fashion editorial for winter 2024: The unexpected in chaos

Chaos, from the Greek chaos, is the complex of disordered material elements preceding the order of the cosmos. A state of confusion, disorientation; a situation in which we feel bewildered, lost. This is the scenario in which the new men’s fashion editorial Winter 2024 by MANINTOWN unfolds: chaotic, bulk settings give space to soft and relaxed, comfortable and uncommitted garments for this Winter 2023 2024. In silence, in a time that seems to have stood still, one waits for something to stir the boredom, something pleasantly unexpected.

Total look Missoni
Total look Missoni
Total look Missoni
Total look Missoni
Men's fashion winter 2024
Sweater Isabel Marant, jeans Givenchy, rings Defaïence
Men's fashion winter 2024
Suit Dhruv Kapoor
Men's fashion winter 2024
Total look Loro Piana
Men's fashion winter 2024
Total look Roberto Cavalli, hat Bonfilio


Photographer: Riccardo Ferrato

Producer: Jessica Lovato

Stylist: Leonardo Martino

Hair: Francesco Sarri

Make-up artist: Asja Redolfi

Set designer: Cristina Canti

Filmmaker: Valentina Gilardoni

Video referent: Gabriele Compagni

Filmmaker assistant: Luca Zito

Stylist assistant: Bahar

Models: Niccolò Fortini – Mom Agency, Dalibor Urosevic – Fashion Model


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