Elbio Bonsaglio

He is one of the founders of the brand Letasca, international success story, which, in a matter of a few seasons, has conquered the most prominent multi-brand stores around the globe. Elbio Bonsaglio is also one of the most renowned Italian models; he worked for the most important brands and was photographed by internationally acclaimed photographers. With a huge following on the social media, he tells us something more about his universe, his Instagram profile and his travels.

No longer a model, but an influencer, thanks to the social media and other activities. How did this transition occur and when did you become a designer too?
The passage from model to influencer was totally accidental. I have never had a blog, I never thought that I could influence someone, I have always tried to be true to myself on the social media, posting on Instagram what I do, my passions, like boxing, or my travels. Maybe, because I was previously a model and now I also have my own brand, people got curious and started following me.

How many of your tips and pics are genuine and non-sponsored?
My Instagram profile tells a great deal about me, also through the stories. There is a lot of my humour, my way of joking, of what I do on a daily basis. There are not many sponsorships, most of my time and my attention are devoted to Letasca, but also in this case I have always been honest.

How do you envision the evolution of the social media and of the role of the influencer?
This social medium has, very democratically, enabled anyone to become an influencer. This is positive, but also negative, as not all influencers are qualitatively good. Back in the days having an education, a certain kind of taste made a difference. Now things have changed, and this is the reason why many criticize the apps and the world they have helped shape.

Which city has stuck to your heart? Is there a favourite place you would recommend?
I travel a lot in my job, hence there are many places I adore, like New York, with its special, matchless vibe, and Ibiza. Then, I remember having a good time also in a Sidney, probably because it it a kind of city I was not used to, with its shores and warm weather all year round.

Photo: Ryan Simo
Styling: Stefano Guerrini
Grooming: Susanna Mazzola
Photo assistant: Alessandro Chiorri
tylist assistants: Verena Kohl, Paula Anuska, Cristina Florence Galati

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