Enfant prodige Mirko Trovato

Although he is very young, he has already been awarded a number of prizes: from the Social Award 2016 to the prize as “explosive talent’” at Giffoni Film Festival in 2014, down to the acknowledgement for his role in the 3 seasons of the popular RAI series Braccialetti rossi, by Giacomo Campiotti, at Roma Fiction Fest, to mention just a few. While he is studying for his high school degree, which he will attain this year, Mirko is also working hard to forge his identity as an actor, with three years of acting courses and, currently, a coach. Youthful and polyhedral, Trovato has the right credentials to make it big in cinema too. Beside the television success of the three seasons of Braccialetti rossi, in which he interprets Davide Di Salvo, and the web series Lontana da me, the young actor can boast roles as co-protagonist in the silver screen movies Restiamo amici, by Antonello Grimaldi and Non c’è campo, directed by Federico Moccia, cult-movie for Millennials and not only. In January he is starting the shootings of another movie soon in the theatres. Meanwhile the web is after him: over 400.000 followers, with a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Would you define an influencer: to what extent has your social identity affected your career and popularity?
To be honest, I don’t identify with this role, as I feel I am a guy who does the typical things guys of my age do, although I am a bit more famous due to by profession. Being social does not impact my career much: when you have to play a role in a movie, what counts is being able to identify with the character, to internalize it.

In what way do you engage with the social media? What type of contents do you generally post online, and what is the criterion?
No criterion. I am a guy like any other, I share with my followers the things I cherish: the places I have visited, the pics with my family and my dogs. Things anyone does.

Has being active on the social networks also entailed an economic return? Is there an image strategy one has to follow to best harness social media?
I was asked to sponsor some apparel items and I was happy to do so. No economic return, only the sponsored products. I do not follow a specific image strategy. Nevertheless I have often noticed that many of my followers shared the pics commenting that they had bought something because they had seen it on me!

A must-have of your wardrobe. What’s your favourite look?
Absolutely sweatshirts. I also like the “street” look quite a lot.

Photo| Roberta Krasnig
Stylist| Stefania Sciortino
Grooming| Maria Sole La Stars per Simone Belli Agency
Assistant| Chiara Filippi
Suit: David Naman

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