Fashion Revolution Names H&M “World’s Most Transparent Brand” – However, Concerns Soar High

In the new analytical index of Fashion Revolution, showing the ranking of the world’s leading brands (and how they communicate) on social, political, environmental and economical terms, atop of the list is H&M (with a 73 percent grading against data points). The average score for the 250 brands was only 23%.

According to Fashion Revolution, any scores over 70 implies a good transparency of social and environmental practices. Sportswear giants Adidas and Reebok scored 69 percent, while Gucci, for instance, reached a score of 40 percent. Zero percent was scored by Bally, Max Mara and Tom Ford. 

A head-turning statistic factor from the report reveals that only two percent of brands pay above minimum wage to workers amid the supply chain, with Patagonia being the street pillar to disclose data on their supply-chain workers earning above the living wage. 

To be included in such ranking, brands must increment sales constantly, reaching a turnover of over $400m across sportswear, luxury or high street, meaning smaller labels who do not meet the criteria cannot be included. And to make things clear, transparency isn’t eponymous to sustainability. 

In a recently released statement, Carey Somers (Fashion Revolution’s Operations Director) points the effect of the pandemic on global supply chains. “The crisis has brought to light the systemic problems within the industry and revealed just how fragile the system really is,” she says. “For decades, brands have chased ever-cheaper production and factories operating on impossibly tight margins, consequently, workers’ wages and rights have been squeezed.”


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