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Upon opening your 131K-followers Instagram profile, it is impossible not to notice the hashtag under your name, #proudtobeitalian. Frank Gallucci has turned Italian style into his asset, to become what he is today. Born in 1986, a degree in political and economic sciences attained at the university of Perugia and a journey in Australia, followed by the launch of your blog four years ago, which has quickly become a reference point for Italian lifestyle.
How would you define yourself?
I represent the Italian man, who can wear different styles, from elegant to casual, with versatility and nonchalance.
What’s your idea of style?
Simply, I believe in Italian beauty and in the Bel Paese.
Who is an influencer today?
Someone who can influence people’s choices. I try to do so by conveying my lifestyle, not only through fashion, but also through my taste in music and food, my travels, and much more.
How do you envision the evolution of social networks?
Facebook will never disappear. In general, the audience of these years will not evaporate, though it can be channelled towards other directions or towards the birth of new forms of social marketing.
And how about the evolution of your business?
I am working to become a style consultant, a reference point for businesses and designers alike.
How do you envision your work in a far-away future?
I’d like to be an Ambassador in 10 years’ time.
Is there a downside to your profession?
Yes, never taking a break.
The numbers of your business.
(He does not answer. He laughs, Editor’s Note.)
Is there a city you feel particularly attached to?
Milan, where I have been living for four year. Its dynamism allows you to succeed in whatever you want to do.
How many of your style tips are true and honest?
I am ready to turn down job offers, above all when they are imposed on me. To this regard, I have to point out that I am not followed by agencies, I prefer to build my relationships personally.
What counts more: a pretty face or a good content?
Content, boded by a beautiful image.
How long does preparing your look take you?
I would not speak in terms of hours, much less than that.
Which apps do you use to retouch your photos?
I always rely on photographers. The pics that are posted live, instead, are shot by my girlfriend Giulia Gaudino, using Snapseed.

Photo| Karel Losenicky
Stylist| Lucio Colapietro
MUA & Hair| Giuseppe Giarratana
Fashion Collaborators| Orsola Amadeo and Dario Amato

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