Getting married in Umbria: the best destinations


Umbria, with its castles, has fascinated for centuries: nobles, intellectuals and of course tourists from all over the world. Writers of old Europe found refuge to be able to enjoy peace, serenity and creativity to write new pages of literature.

Among these, Lord Byron, the English romantic poet, known for his adventurous and stormy love life, undertook a long journey in Italy in 1816. It was above all the landscape of Umbria, the green heart of the country that caught his attention. Wonders like Lake Trasimeno, the Clitunno springs and the Marmore waterfalls enchanted his senses and captivated his imagination.

Now, in addition to the traditional cuisine and their black truffle, of which they are the undisputed homeland, they are also the enchanting locations with their esteemed estates. Among these, we can see the Petrata Castle, an ancient fortress of the XIV century. expertly restored, with a unique view of Assisi and Perugia.

The enchanting village of Castello di Gallano, where the fun cooking classes are set, allowing you to learn how to make delicious potato gnocchi according to the castle’s secret recipe. The Tenuta di San Masseo, immersed in a park of 20,000 square meters that integrates beautiful art and design elements.

A unique and exclusive environment in which enjoy an incredible view, the magical scenery of the city of Assisi within an oasis of absolute spiritual relaxation, in direct contact with nature and the territory. And finally, the twelfth-century Castle of Ramazzano, restored several times over the centuries, offers various frescoed rooms and preserves a precious wall development, Guelph crenelated with a square tower.

The property belongs to an Apulian DOC family, which retains all the essence of the territory and adds Umbrian-Apulian cuisine commanded by Ms. Angela Aliani, Americans are at home here. In short, all these are the real new “wedding destinations” of luxury that bring customers from all over the world, and this is well known by Daniela Corti, in fact, with the new edition of “The Italian Wedding Stars” to be held on the 29th November in Rome she will also award the location.

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