26-year-old Graham Patrick Martin has already played notable roles on Two and a Half Men as Elridge McElroy and as Trent in the TBS comedy The Bill Engvall Show starring alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Nancy Travis. However, his most important role is that of Rusty Beck in the critically-acclaimed drama series Major Crimes, the spin-off of The Closer, whose sixth season has returned to TNT. Martin will also star in the indie film Bukowski, based on the life of Charles Bukowski, which is directed by James Franco. MANINTOWN has interviewed him for you.

Which iconic actors and directors inspire you? 
I love what Denis Villeneuve is putting out there right now. In terms of actors – I like the selection of films Jake Gyllenhaal has chosen to work on lately.  

Can you anticipate us something about your character in the sixth season of Major Crimes
It’s going to be dangerous. Rusty is in danger. The whole squad is in danger. The writers are not holding back in this final season.

In this drama series you play the role of a once homeless teen. How did you prepare yourself for it? 
By volunteering at the Covenant House California- a shelter for homeless youth.

We know you are a huge Saints fan and a sport enthusiast. Which activities do you like to do the most? 
I like to go to games. Fortunately, my team is doing well this year-which is always fun. Personally, I play football on weekends with my friends sometimes. But lately I’ve been super into yoga.

How is your relationship with fashion? An item you cannot live without? 
I’m pretty basic when it comes to fashion. I don’t take risks at all. T-shirt, jeans, and my AllSaints boots is basically my daily uniform.

What are your future projects? 
Major Crimes is what’s up right now. Check it out on TNT!

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