To illustrate the brand-new, iconic unisex sneaker, ONESOUL, a minimalist and versatile accessory perfectly suited both for leisure and for more formal or fashion outfits, Alberto Guardiani has chosen couples of micro- metropolitan influencers, people who don’t necessarily have a digital identity and a number underscoring their social impact (on Instagram), but a true and real social life.
People who, owing to their daily life, have an impact on their milieu. Guardiani has chosen to work with couples with a dynamic and urban lifestyle, to convey the unisex and versatile nature of the new sneaker, as well as all its diverse personalities. The project aims to contextualize the new unisex sneaker, the many styles and personalities of those who got involved in the project, similar people in terms of lifestyle, though different in terms of mood, and it has done so by capturing these couples in their daily life. Hence, images, videos and interviews produce a patchwork of possible milieus, capable of expressing the multi-faceted universe of these sneakers, thus offering a trailblazing way of giving visibility to a product.
Ceylan Atinc and Can Baydar (photo) perfectly exemplify this concept. They are the protagonists of ONESOUL_MANY PERSONALITIES: CEYLAN X CAN: a brief fashion film of their day. She, fashion editor with Marie Claire Turkey and teacher at IMA Fashion School in Istanbul, he has little, if nothing to do with fashion, being the frontman of one of the most alternative bands in Turkey. Two personalities so different, with different lifestyles, who share the same need to have a functional, versatile, but also and above all stylish accessory.
Both, indeed, represent two interpretations (woman and man) of the iconic unisex sneaker ONESOUL, which combines minimalistic design, the shades and materials of a formal shoe, the functionality of footwear that can be worn round the clock, the lightness and comfort of sneakers.
This genderless, multi-faceted background also permeates the SS18 advertising campaign, featuring images fluctuating between naïve irony and pastel shades, reminiscent of Wes Anderson, and the ‘50s perfectionist, though caricatured settings of Pleasantville. Here, ONESOUL unisex sneakers are immersed in many tableaux vivants, where they are the absolute stars, as well as the only chromatic element, breaking the predominant mono-chromatisms. Emblematic is the picture of the couple (she and he) wearing the same pair of unisex sneaker, their faces hidden by a newspaper, whose image is repeated endlessly on the cover, for Magritte-like surrealism with vintage flair.
Through dream-like worlds and real-live images, Guardiani has chosen to illustrate the several personalities of ONESOUL, underscoring the countless ways in which this can be interpreted by one person, but also the way in which many personalities can interpret it.

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