Holiday Magazine for South Corea

Holiday, the bi- annual publication written in English but based in Paris, a real editorial must of the ’60s, founded in the United States and known for the extreme care of the photographs, the covers and the reports from the world made by recall journalists, on the piece, which told the reality without filters nor flattery, back today – thanks to the passion and support of the Parisian atelier Franck Durand – with a new look, while preserving the structural and stylistic cornerstones that have made the success of the magazine.
The new issue of Holiday is dedicated to South Korea: after Argentina, Holiday has chosen to dedicate its pages to the wonders of this mysterious and in many ways contradictory country. While photographers Nigel Shafran, Jamie Hawkesworth Karim Sadli, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen, Robi Rodriguez, Joseph Szabou and Park Hyung-sik Kim lend their precious eyes to the wonders of this land, the director Park Chan-Wook told everyday scenes, the poet Lee San-Ha He delves into the long history of Buddhist temples and Arthur Dreyfus writer testifies to his nice outing in a country full of strangeness. All this under the blessing of the wonderful Isabelle Huppert, who confides the author François-Henri Désérable and tells about a divided country, equal parts between despair and beauty

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