From TV serials to cinema, going through music, the Mexican actor reveals himself as an eclectic artist.

You are an authentic multitasking person, from acting to singing. When and where did you learn to do all these different roles?
I like to express myself in different ways… acting… singing… painting… writing… They are all forms of expression and I can’t do jut one thing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten  bored of doing the same thing so I always like to alternate between one and another.

Your mother is Irish American and your father Mexican, how does this mix make an influence on you? Which are your favorite cities and reveries of these places?
Where we come from means a lot… Where you grow up also influences a person. I feel blessed for having the parents I have and having such a mix of genes. Growing up I spent most my adolescence in a beautiful Mexican Town called San Miguel de Allende and then starting in my teens on I lived in Palo Alto in Northern California. I couldn’t tell you what my favorite cities are because Mexico and the US both have amazing cities, while Ireland is green, which in my book means it is beautiful.

You played for long time in many different soap operas. From popular teen drama “Clase 406” to “Talisman”  and many more. Looking back at these series which are your favorite roles? What would you change?
The first character I ever played will always be of special importance to me. People still talk about this character all the time. It left a mark on the fans and definitely left a mark on me. That was fourteen years ago. I have never stopped working from that day on. That’s the character that gave me the opportunity to build a career.

Which are your favorite directors inspiring for you and you would love to work with?
There are lots of great directors out there. Impossible to pick just a few but I’m really proud of the films the Top Mexican directors are doing. I absolutely love Italian cinema as well- obviously there are many classic Italian films and directors. Love Sorrentino’s work, it’s fabulous.

You have been nominated among the sexiest man in the world. What is sexy for you? And a suggestions for all the men for being charming?
Sexy and being charming for me is being yourself. Being a good person, being kind to everyone, being transparent and being honest.

How did the OVS underwear campaign come about?
I met Bruno, the owner of Brave Models, and I told him I wanted to be in an underwear campaign. A couple months later I was in London shooting the campaign. Just like that.

When did you meet Lola for the first time what did you think of her? When did you decide to marry her?
When I saw Lola for the firs time I was like “wow”, with my mouth wide open, and I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I decided I was going to marry her that exact moment.

How is your typical day like?
Every day is different no matter if I’m filming or if I’m in vacation. The only difference between when if working on vacation is that when I’m in vacation I don’t wear shoes and I’m usually in the ocean.

What cannot be missing in your bag when you travel?

How would you define your style?
Unique (laughs).

Beside singing, which are your passions?
Sports. Everything that has to do with the outdoors.

Your next projects and dreams for 2017?
To keep having fun and enjoying myself. Projects come at the perfect moment, you just have to be ready when they come.

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