Sensuality is woman. It is no coincidence that as Managing Director of Coco de Mer, one of the most renowned luxury lingerie brand and erotic fashion house, we find a woman, Lucy Litwack, with a huge passion and experience in this field. Not only products to reach pleasure; Coco de Mer offers also education and guidance for a personal erotic experience with a decadent allure. MANINTOWN interviewed Mrs Litwack, asking her some questions about her experience of more than ten years in the industry and about themes that are still considered a taboo.

Why did you choose to work in the field of luxurious lingerie?
Lingerie is my passion. I fell into the industry by chance from a client I had at a design agency I was working for after University. I went to work for this lingerie start up in house and the rest is history! After over 17 years in the industry, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Lingerie can create magic. It has the power of transformation. I have worked for many incredible brands from Victoria’s Secret to La Perla, but when I started at Coco de Mer 3 years ago I knew I had found something very special. A brand that has always punched above its weight, but is yet to realize its full potential. A brand that so seamlessly blends fashion and erotica; sophistication and sensuality. A brand that emphasizes the importance of female pleasure, yet appeals to both men and women.

Which is the most representative item of Coco de Mer?
Everything we design combines luxury and beauty, often with a touch of the audacious.  For instance, the Coco de Mer Spanking Knicker. This item is luxurious, beautiful and a little bit naughty – with the added option for play with your partner. The Sylph bra is also an iconic Coco de Mer style. It has been in the business for over 10 years and continues to be a best seller. It is perfect for the underwear as outerwear trend with its strappy detailing. In luxurious black silk with front fastening and a seductive half cup that barely covers the bust, it takes its inspiration from the empowering work of Helmut Newton and the world of the dominatrix.

According to you, which is the link between fashion and sensuality?
People are pleasure seekers. They seek pleasure in a myriad of different ways, one of which is fashion. The delights that fascinate our senses such as cuisine, design, fashion occupy the cultural psyche in many different ways from books to magazines to tv. Matters erotic however are more limited and repressed. Coco de Mer encourages a more progressive viewpoint. To open up a more playful conversation on the subject and thus encourage people to delve deeper into their fantasies. We want to create a more beautiful sensual landscape to explore. Engaging in this conversation, we can use fashion and lingerie to reach a better understanding of, and connection to, what is truly sensual. As purveyors of sensuality, Coco de Mer both creates and curates irresistible objects and experiences to celebrate mutual pleasure and individual satisfaction.

What do women look for when choosing lingerie?
Women have many different faces. One day, they will be looking for comfort – perfect fit, soft fabrics. One day they will want something that makes them feel empowered with the knowledge that only they are aware of what lies beneath the exterior. Other times they may want to be a classic femme fatale. Lingerie can transform you and your mindset. But overall, women want good fit, beautiful materials that caress the skin and silhouettes that enhance their form.

Instead, what do men appreciate the most?
Men appreciate any effort you want to make.  They love the idea that you have dressed up for them (even if it is just as much for you) and will worship you whatever you choose. We find at Coco de Mer that men will often purchase the three piece set – in addition to the bra and knicker, they will pick the suspender belt too. They generally prefer the more classic colours of red and black. And beautiful nightwear is always popular –  a lace chemise, a silk robe.

Can lingerie make women more confident?
Absolutely. Lingerie can transform your body and your mind which in turns gives you the confidence to do whatever it is you want to do – whether that is to rule the world or your partner!

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