Look back to be ahead

Revisiting and restyling. It’s not the rst time future fashion styles are created by re- elaborating and looking into the past. Now more than ever, the majority of brands are following this trend, especially in streetwear. However, this time the story is a bit di erent: It’s not about nostalgia or the illusion of returning to a happy moment in the past-if anything, it’s the desire to embrace the multiplicity of a unique present without renouncing anything. In fact, this 2017 season, many sporty brands are tapping into their archives resulting in o ering the market reworked versions of timeless styles. Who does not remember the famous Pony or the much-loved Air Max? We are talking about those classic pieces that made history for such brands as Pony, Wrangler, Nike, New Balance and many others who, in many facets, have looked back in time to turning their past icons the new key pieces of the season, not out of nostalgia but as part of the inevitable conclusion that our past de nes who we are in the present and also suggests that high quality withstands the test of time and crisis. Economic and otherwise.

Novelty and a look back into the past for Lacoste, which has chosen tennis star Novak Djokovic as its new “crocodile” for the next ve years. Tennis returns as the central theme of the line in honour of founder René Lacoste, tennis player who has revolutionized sportswear in the 1930s by creating the iconic Polo L.12.12, in petite cotton piqué. The brand dedicates a collection to Novak who will don the brand during tournaments; solidifying this link to the former era is the visual campaign images shot by Jacob Sutton, where past and present sit side by side, demonstrating the timeless elegance of the brand.

Protagonists in the ring and on the tennis court, spotted on the feet of the most famous athletes of the 1980s and on the streets all over the world, the Pony, and especially the City Wings High, return to enhance today’s casual style, giving a vintage but modern look.

Eden Park, a Parisian brand founded in 1987 by the former rugby champion Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc, known for having a pink butter y logo, revives for its thirtieth anniversary, the iconic rugby shirt, the garment that started it all back at Eden Park stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

New Balance has a vintage spirit. As demonstrated this year by the re-launch of the CRT300 back on the market, which had rst appeared on tennis courts in the 1980s. Today, the remake is available in suede and mesh, in nuances of retro taste.

One example is Wrangler, famous denim brand that on the occasion of its seventy-year anniversary decided to celebrate their success by reprising its colourful collaboration with artist Peter Max, a modern and contemporary re-launch of his multi-colour pockets. The same ones that hoards of youngsters donned in the early ‘70s.

For the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Tommy Hilger’s denim line Tommy Jeans draws from the nineties, celebrating the iconic pieces of that time and bringing new life into styles that marked the brand’s beginning. To interpret the spirit of the brand are Lucky Blue Smith, Anwar Hadid and So a Richie, stars of the ad campaign.

Nike, has chosen among its many successful styles to revisit the unforgettable Air Max 1, the iconic shoe for those were teenagers in the ‘90s. Now they return, new and reworked, ready to out t the feet of a new generation.

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