Luca Dotto’s (Free) Style

His talent in the water earned him the title of Italian record holder in the 100 metre freestyle, his bright eyes and statuesque body made him a model “by chance.” We’re talking about Luca Dotto, born in 1990, a young swimmer with a list of successes under his belt: at only 21 years he won his first silver medal at the World Aquatics Championships and since then he’s swum a number of races until finally in 2016 breaking 48 seconds in the 100 metre sprint without the help of a polyurethane swimsuit. Between one training session and the next, in anticipation of the forthcoming World Championships in Budapest in July, the European champion answered some questions for MANINTOWN.

When did you realise that swimming would become your profession?
When I realised that swimming was the thing I knew how to do best, and that it came naturally to me.

How do you prepare for an important competition?
It takes months of preparation in the water and in the gym, eating healthy, and above all, resting well.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?
Being able to break 48 seconds in the 100 metre. Even though I won the European and medalled in the World, that was the most thrilling moment because I will always remember that I was the first man in Italy to break that wall.

Do you have any superstitious routines?
I wouldn’t say superstition, but before a race I have a routine for warm-up and concentration that I follow meticulously every time. Not because I think it will bring me luck but because by doing it I am able to reach total concentration.

What are your passions outside of the swimming pool?
Scuba diving is without a doubt my biggest passion, plus I like to read, specifically adventure novels.

What was the most exciting vacation you’ve taken?
Last summer I went to the Bahamas with my girlfriend and it was like discovering paradise. I have travelled a lot and visited many exotic places, but without a doubt that archipelago has become my favourite destination.

You’ve modelled in several advertising campaigns for a very prestigious international brand. How did you get into the fashion world?
By chance. I was “discovered” in 2012, during a campaign for the London Olympics, and from there I began collaborating with some very important brands. I consider myself very lucky to have had this possibility.

What garment best represents who you are?
Without a doubt the dress shirt.

Do you have a style icon who inspires you?
I try to have my own style, but my unconditional style icons are Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando.

What is the grooming routine of a sporty person like yourself?
The only routine I follow is taking care of my skin, because the sun and chlorine can easily ruin it, so I try to keep my skin hydrated.

One of your unfulfilled dreams??
To have a family one day.

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