In his kitchen, ingredients, tools, pots, pans and plates levitate, thus crafting a spell that has won him almost 60 thousand followers on Instagram. «The idea to photograph floating objects – so Francesco Mattucci, author and founder of @kitchensuspensionarose from an everyday situation, due to my need for more space to cook, the kitchen is indeed the part of the house where I spend most of my time. Looking about myself I got the idea of creating a place, where the objects that crowd my kitchen can “come alive” in a very unusual way and play with one another in space, where food has no classical representation, where it can escape from the settings where it is normally captured and live, so to say, a life of its own, obviously having fun». Francesco Mattucci conversion from creative to influencer was almost immediate. First he published a series of images on the homepage of the Italian daily newspaper, next, a few months later, the interview on the Instagram blog, which brought the project great visibility in a very short time. «I am not so sure the word “influencer” really suits me – Mattucci goes on to say – I don’t feel I am one and I don’t think that my images invite people to buy a product, rather than another. I’d say that @kitchensuspension works because the images always succeed in catching for a second the attention of the users who run up against them. This profile is specially designed for online publishing, and it works in this specific framework because my followers believe they know what to expect from the next pic, but, actually, I surprise them every time». Every shot by Francesco entails a long and painstaking process; the snap of the flying ice-cream cup, for instance, took almost two days. «There is no set method to obtain these shots – he goes on – every single image has its features and the techniques to support the objects that make them up change from time to time, the tricky part is designing different sets for each shot. A considerable dose of post-production is crucial to get the desired effect».

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