Manintown Talents: Meet Brandon Jay McLaren

Meet Brandon Jay McLaren of Netflix series FIREFLY LANE in a quick conversation with MANINTOWN.

Ph: Felipe Sanclemente

Firefly Lane is the new top of the chart Netflix series inspired by the New York Times bestselling books by author Kristin Hannah. It is a story about love, loss, and the magic of friendship. In the Netflix series, you play Travis. Tell us about him. If you had to introduce him to our audience, how would you describe him? 

Travis is a fellow PTA parent and friend of Kate’s daughter’s best friend. He’s a widow with a big heart and an equally big attraction to Kate. That being said, he’s sweet and respectful and thinks the world of Kate. Now that Kate is going through a divorce, he can finally acknowledge his feelings for her and see where they lead.

Brandon, tell us about what inspired you to be an actor. Which one, if you could choose, is your favorite character played so far?

I was inspired to be an actor because it gave me an outlet to express things that I didn’t feel I had permission to do in my real life. 

 DALE JAKES from the show GRACELAND is my favorite character I’ve played so far. I had so much fun on the show. I loved my co-stars, and the creator/showrunner Jeff Eastin created such a compelling character in JAKES. Jeff also gave me a lot of room to make him my own.

 Is there someone in cinema/tv that you look up to and who has somehow influenced and inspired you in your acting career?

I have a lot of admiration for Jordan Peele, and I was lucky enough to work on his project “THE TWILIGHT ZONE.” I am inspired by what he has created as a filmmaker and as a creator/producer. 

 Passions, apart from acting, tell us what drives your interest?

I am currently working hard on the development side of things. I want to give people who may otherwise have been looked over the opportunity to tell their stories and shine. 

 Your favorite inspirational quote?

My favorite inspirational quote is, “Time waits for no man, although I control the slow hand.”

 To me, it means that although a lot of things in our lives are out of my hands, the few things I can control I can focus on and maybe change the trajectory of my life.

 Food and Travel: favorite cuisine/ dish and first destination post-pandemic, unrelated to work travel.

I don’t have a favorite cuisine. It depends very much on what mood I’m in. The first place I’m going post-pandemic is Grenada, and I will be eating the national dish OIL DOWN, extra pigtail. My father is from Grenada, while my mother is from Trinidad. Both places have always been important to me. I’ve been going there since I was a young child, and it’s still the first place I go after I’ve filmed something or when I have a chunk of time off. For me, it’s a place to visit family, recalibrate, and ground myself. I also am involved with a charity there called REACH WITHIN. The mission is to improve the future outcomes of vulnerable children in Grenada with wellness programs. I ran my first marathon in Grenada to help raise money for Reach Within, and in 2019 I ran the NYC marathon for Reach Within as well. You can get more info about the cause at or on Instagram @reach.within

Fashion: what do you think of it, what is fashion for you, and which style represents you best.

For me, fashion is comfort. Jeans, a pair of Jordan 4’s, a tee and a leather jacket and I’m good.

Future Projects for Brandon. What is ahead for you, any new project you can mention?

I am currently shooting the reboot of TURNER AND HOOCH on Disney +. It will be released sometime in 2021.


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