His dazzling smile is proof that being on a diet doesn’t equal feeling sadness and deprivation. In fact, his beautiful and delicious dishes would make anyone drool at first sight.  He’s Marco Bianchi, born in 1978, chef, scientist, writer for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, author of numerous health books and a TV personality, who genuinely enjoys sharing his true love of good cooking with his social media followers, many of whom try his recipes and then enthusiastically post their results on social networks.  His sincerity and simplicity wins over whomever he meets, including us. We interviewed him to ask for his precious advice on following a balanced lifestyle, yet one without too many sacrifices.

People assume mostly women watch their weight and their diets. Yet you are an example that men as well are becoming more sensitive to these matters. What pushed you to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

Basically, it was my course of study: it led me to become much more careful about what I eat. Being in close contact with the world of scientific research, seeing year after year, slide after slide, the analyses conducted on patients gave me pause. It made me decide to stop how I was eating and to make a conscious choice to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. This change first started as an experiment on myself, then it started catching the interest of those around me.

We know you’re a health fanatic. How much does it affect your personal style choices?
I made a choice not to be defined as vegan, because I consume animal proteins, such as fish and cheese. I just don’t eat meat and meat products, such as sausages and salami, but everything else I eat in moderation. My choices are dictated by the careful selection of the farms and how products are sold: from cheese to fresh caught fish, I always try to opt for the best. This also means being able to distinguish which companies produce well and care about the quality of raw materials.

Wellness, health and eco-design are the main ingredients of the Healthy Box. How did your collaboration with SKAKO and Essent’ial begin?
It started a bit by chance. I was already buying Essent’ial products, due to their sustainability. Together we decided to give life to the Healthy Box, and SKAKO took care of the creative part. I became the face of this beautiful health project.

You’re a sportsman, often seen in running shoes and a track suit, engaging in various events devoted to health and prevention. In your everyday life, however, what do you like to wear?  Did the fact that you became a celebrity change your lifestyle?
I’m always in motion, especially if I can’t make it to formal workouts like CrossFit, which I really enjoy doing. In that case, I like to get out and about, my gym is the stairs or the city, walking everywehere. I walk a lot, an average of 10-12 km per day, and for me there’s no such thing as elevators, so, whoever comes along with me knows he has to dress comfortably.  Sweating once a day, for at least 20 minutes, is a must. Becoming well-known hasn’t changed me, I’m still me. I definitely get stopped more often, I’m asked for advice, but in general I act as I always have, no difference. Luckily my followers love me, so I have great interaction with whomever I meet on the street, at the supermarket, in a store. It’s always a pleasure to be enriched by my community’s kind words.

The “MANINTOWN” man is multifaceted. What is your advice to how he can pursue a healthy lifestyle day by day, without too many sacrifices?
Imagining each meal as a complete dish is a key rule for everyone. That means the dish should be comprised of 50% plants, such as fruits and vegetables, 25% whole grains and 25% protein, to be alternated among low-fat cheese, fish, dried fruits and legumes, lots of legumes. I don’t mentioning meat because I don’t consume any, but obviously meat could be a part of this 25%. Beyond that, I’d advise a fresh juice, fruit and salad at least once a day. Dried fruit makes a great snack good for every day, especially for those who practice sport and exercise; it is a heart saver. Plus the ideal recipe for health also includes exercise and physical activity.

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