Maserati Experience

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Often, the people who are the most silent are the ones who, when incited, have the most to say. And it is in this exact silence that I happened to test drive a new unique car. Maserati is a symbol of stylish elegance and a car of top performance that gives a shot of adrenaline and an imaginary finish line to the lucky few who get to press on the accelerator of one of the most famous gems in the automobile world.
After settling down into the car’s refined cockpit, which can be personalized inside in infinite ways, I adjusted the seat for the optimal distance from the steering wheel, watched with great care by Domenico Schiattarella, the driver who accompanied me that day in the Ghibli 3000 Turbo Diesel 275 Cv, and who, noticing my curiosity granted me the honour of his flair and talent, opening ‘a full-throttle’ account of memories which catapulted us into a universe of passion and heart tracked in thousandths of seconds.
As soon as we began, leaving behind the city’s traffic, I noticed the braking system and how it was capable of responding even to the slightest touch. Domenico confirmed my intuition. For a car that reaches 250 km/h, the braking system requires excellent engineering; that of Maserati makes use of a technique that melts a cast iron disc and light metal alloys, such that even when pressed to the limit on test track, it doesn’t overheat.
I step on the gas with the excuse of trying to familiarize myself with the gear shift on the steering wheel, and the turbine kicked in, satisfying our ears with an intense but graceful roar while the force pushed us back against our seats. Domenico, in short Mimmo, then revealed a piece of information that for him was obvious: the Maserati engines are assembled in the same factory in Maranello where they assemble the cylinders of that brand with the “horsey.” It was at that point I regret not heading toward Monza where, with Mimmo’s help, try to find my way onto the track.

At that point, the spirit of the silent but surprising Maserati is revealed, like a shy person with whom you have just broken the ice. But that wasn’t enough, and I wanted to know just how far I could go. On the way back, instead of following the prescribed route, I headed toward a green sign that I spot in the distance. Mimmo, with the gaze of a co-pilot, has already understood the lightning in my eyes whenever I rev the engine and, before tossing his conspiratorial glance out the window, he promises me to meet me again soon on the track. I began shyly in the first lane but then remembering that we’ve already broken the ice, I press the button to activate the sport mode and we fly into the passing lane, hoping all the time that this ride never has to end.

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