Gentleman in name and gentleman in fact, he is considered one of the most important web influencers of the moment. More than just posting, he relays stories of style, dispenses advice on how to compose a look and, through his travels, he has inspired followers from around the world. Let’s talk about Matthew Zorpas, a blogger and founder of Furla chose him and four other bloggers and digital artists – Adam Katz Sinding, Nabil Quenum, Roberto De Rosa and Paris Seawell- to present “the modern man” project at Pitti. Creatives 2.0 who interpreted with five photo shoots five different visions of the “MODULAR BAG2”, the new modular bag from Furla designed for all of today’s globetrotters. Matthew, the perfect man in town, describes his view of the project and much more, including his passion for the surreal Fellini.

Where did you you shoot the photos for Furla’s themodernman project?

I was in Rio, my home for a while now, so I decided to set the whole thing there. The colors and atmosphere of this booming carioca city seemed ideal to represent a new vision of contemporary man, even if I didn’t quite want to make the location clear, it could have been Greece or Italy as well. A man who travels, a man of movement, a man who is elegant but not overly so, who demands the”proper” accessories- very functional and aesthetically beautiful. The location, me and the photographer Jeff Porto, we found the street by wandering around the streets of the center, in the oldest part of the city, with a bright yellow backgrounds, where the blue bag stands out and the look is ideally halfway between summer and winter.

What is the relationship between men and accessories now, especially with bags?

I think it’s quite strong now. From classic briefcases to messenger bags, male versions of big clutches, briefcases as pc or tablet cases, every man has at least one of these accessories. For me it is a key element of every look, I always have a bag with me- sometimes it gives a twist more to my look with its shape, color, or material.

What do you consider the characteristics of a “stylish” man?

There are no rules anymore. To me it’s something natural, spontaneous, not too forced. I just open my closet and choose what I feel like wearing- it’s more a matter of taste. I’ve been influenced by the personality, the style,, the culture, and the work of certain well-known figures from the past and present, most of all Federico Fellini, and if I have to name someone contemporary, I would say Tom Ford. Style is not just fashion, it’s often the people I meet in my travels or on the street that give me energy and inspiration for my work.

What do modern gentlemen buy nowadays?

I think the possibilities are endless, from formal to casual- men want to take care of their style, not as much as women, but a man is more attentive now and can experiment with bow-ties and hats, colourful socks and bags, shirts and ties… It’s not required, it’s just a desire to dress well and with a bit of freedom, mixing styles from Brazil to London, the gentleman has gone global and the result is relaxed style.

Will never end the era of bloggers?

There will be an evolution, we will change the platform, we will change this way of defining skills to reach the common people, and to act in the digital age. Blogs, quality ones, are here to stay.

If I was not a blogger what would you have done?

There is a very snobbish attitude to consider in a negative way the work of bloggers, because they take away the ground (and power) in a space which is rather limited fashion. For me it is a job title that also works to define my lifestyle. I have a past in the world of communication, but the business of blogging is really my passion, I consider it something creative that I can not help but realize, is like the air I breathe, I would see to do anything else. In addition to the blog I’m working on other projects of personal branding, is still all top secret.

Movie, book and music do you like? 8:30 Federico Fellini, The Reader (Aloud-from which they made into a film starring Ralph Fiennes) and the British band The Herd.


For the upcoming Fall / Winter Furla man takes the field to suggest a new way of living accessories and especially the bags. From the streets of the big cities to the countryside, the man now prefers business accessories and small leather goods with two characteristics: practical and discreet. The modular bag easily converts from messenger bag duffel bag, adapting the agenda to work weekends, so ideal for every occasion, even simultaneously or at the last minute. The Furla Modular Bag can be assembled in the shop thanks to a set that includes two handles, two side pocket and two side to expand that are completely interchangeable, with colors and materials totally customizable. In perfect balance between form and function, there are all the needs of modern man.


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