Men’s hair care: the news for the winter

Treatments to experiment in the salon or simple allies for the beauty routine of our hair to be used at home. These are the latest news for the winter to try immediately!


Oliocento is the protagonist of one of the services carried out in the brand new Grooming Lounge of Womo, the spectacular shop in Piazza Alvar Aalto, in Milan, where the Bullfrog barbershop is also present. It is the first product of the brand made of 100% natural ingredients: with the antioxidant, soothing, astringent and moisturizing properties of hemp. Its ideal formula for taking care of beard and hair and facial skin.


The perfect anti-pollution ally for sensitive skin. It prevents dryness and makes the hair more manageable and protects it from external agents such as pollution. Rich in Tea Tree Oil, it helps the skin to maintain its hydration and to fight dehydration.


Charcoal paste with strong fixing for easy application styling thanks to its creamy and malleable consistency. It gives texture, body and lasting fixation. The strong fixative and texturizing effect of this paste is the result of a calibrated mix of highly performing lmogenic ingredients, which coat the stem ensuring the highest performance.


The new Ghd Helios ™ hairdryer features a light and long-lasting brushless motor and is designed for speed, creating a powerful but highly concentrated airflow that travels at 120 km / h to drastically speed up the styling routine. The shaped spout facilitates the concentrated distribution of temperature and airflow, offering precise control for truly professional styling.


Four “shot” salon treatments rich in a specific active ingredient that transforms the condition of hair and skin in 5 minutes, offering immediately visible results. Thanks to the innovative molecular structure of the formulation, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the hair fiber, providing excellent performance.

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