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Already activated in the web version, iOS devices, is now available for Android the 100% Made in Italy APP that learns your musical tastes and chooses the music that you like.
Already existing in more than 170 countries in the web version, Mentor.FM is a “personal DJ” which works just like a radio, but the musical flow is customized and unique because it is based on Facebook profiles, Deezer, Last.FM – but soon will include also Spotify, Twitter and iTunes library – and on user feedback (like, dislike, skip) relative to each proposal song, that the user can indicate via simple gesture.
The application draws on library Deezer, streaming Mentor.FM partners. For this reason, in order to use the radio in full on smatrphone you need a Deezer Premium account. The Android app also works with the Free account and lets you feel 30 seconds for each song, but it allows to get a free 30-day trial.
Mentor.FM never proposes single-issue playlist and avoid boring repetitions of artist or song. But there’s more: songs’ order is not random, and tries to adapt in real time to the user’s mood: if it’s proposing indie rock and the user responds with a series of skip, Mentor.FM interprets the signal as “is not the right time for the indie rock” and tries to adjust the shot proposing another. Then there is the Surprise Me feature designed for users who want to discover new musical worlds and broaden

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