Milan goes sustainable with WSM Fashionreboot

On occasion of the menswear fashion week, on 11th and 12th January 2020 at BASE Milano (partner of WSM Fashion Reboot), WHITE relies on sustainability with WSM Fashion Reboot, an event organized thanks to the support offered by MISE and ICE – Agenzia, the part- nership with Confartigianato Imprese, and the aegis of the Municipality of Milan.

The first event dedicated to sustainable innovation and fashion design, aiming to act as a bridge connecting the different forms and cultures of sustainability with the market as well as the endusers.

The project tackles the theme in a systemic, holistic and propositioning way, so as to give a voice to the several stakeholders that have long been working to transform the current environmental and social crisis into our best opportunity for progress.

Synergy and interaction are the keys to understanding WSM Fashion Reboot, a project including installations, displays, happenings and a rich calendar of activities and workshops to engage both the insiders and the citizenries of Milan.

The goal is to promote real change, thanks to a factual collaboration, resulting from a collective effort. The project stems from the synergy between Camera Nazionale della Moda, WHITE, CBI Camera Buyer Italia, which, with Confartigianato Imprese aim to launch a new fashion paradigm in Milan.

An important initiative spearheaded by WHITE to enhance the role of Milan on the worldwide scene through a clearcut goal: becoming the first and foremost unmissable appointment dedicated to circular and sustainable fashion.

Innovation and research, aiming to sustainable development in the fashion system, are the elements connecting a variety of projects. 

“The support to WSM Fashion Reboot – underlines ICE’s President, Carlo Ferro – is in keeping with Agenzia ICE’s consideration for small and medium-sized businesses, their ability for innovation, their workmanship and their commitment in terms of sustainability. On these topics, with WHITE, we have drawn up a specific plan consisting of transversal initia- tives to back growth and promote innovative start-ups interna- tionally. Thanks to a targeted scouting of brands and designers, whose main objective are circularity and sustainability, innova- tive collections dedicated to the new technologies in the textile industry and sustainable fashion will be premiered in Milan.”

This edition of WSM Fashion Reboot has involved some of the most authoritative names in terms of sustainability: the main partners are Fashion Revolution, Cittadellarte Fondation Pistoletto, Milan’s Polytechnic, the Municipality of Milan, which has always and actively supported WHITE’s projects.

WSM Fashion Reboot, in partnership with Cittadellarte Fondation Pistoletto, support the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations’ leaders in 2015.

Among the other institutions involved, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which, for the project Make Fashion Circular, gathers the leaders of the whole sector to further circular economy in fashion. WSM Fashion Reboot is curated by Matteo Ward, co-founder of the brand Wråd and artistic director of GIVE A FOKus, WHITE’s sustainable hub that goes on to develop this asset also in the womenswear edition, from 20th to 23rd February 2020.

So Matteo Ward, creative director of the project: “This edition of WSM Fashion Reboot goes to show that we are ready for the activation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, which are necessary to trigger a real process of sustainable development and systemic revolution. An event illustrating how design can and must become a tool to meet society’s real needs”.

The format of the event is structured in such a way as to be inclusive and accessible, starting from a deep
dive into the culture of sustainability.

A pioneering example was Salvatore Ferragamo, who, when he had no access to new raw materials, came up with an innovative way to make use of the scraps from his territory (fishing nets or cork).

This should be the bedrock of circular economy. Today, also thanks to this example, we can look to 47 the future, moving ahead with innovative start-ups, brands or small or medium-sized businesses that are radically rethinking their business model and generating functional products, so that their output is in keeping with the needs of the planet.

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum and Fondazione Ferragamo are going to partake in WSM Fashion Reboot, for the first time in Milan, with a section of the show Sustainable Thinking currently staged in the museum Florence, with a display on the ground floor of BASE Milano (Ex Ansaldo) of a selection of exclusive models by Salvatore Ferragamo illustrating his innate passion for experimentation with the poorest materials, materials that had never been used before to make footwear: paper, the bark of the tree, raffia, fish skin, cellophane.

From the show curated by Fondazione Ferraga- mo on the ground floor, to the first floor of BASE Milano, where an eclectic scenario awaits the visitors: 48 textile businesses like Candiani Denim, Canepa, Albini Group, Orange Fiber, to mention just a few, fashion labels and leading-edge designers like Vivienne Westwood, Bethany Williams, Boyish Jeans, Gilberto Calzolari, Selfi, Aagè, brands like Paul&Shark, Neubau Eyewear, Regenesi (one of the first agencies to regenerate recycled materials to give them a second chance), down to a selection of innovative start-ups.

Vivienne Westwood, one of the last independent brands worldwide, will be present at WSM to promote their cultural message for the sake of ethical and sustainable fashion.

The active involvement of different individuals, all authoritative in terms of sustainability, has allowed to gather a unique selection of designers and consolidat- ed brands, ranging from apparel to accessories, down to beauty.

Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto is furthering its collaboration with WHITE by bringing to WSM Fashion Reboot a remarkable selection of creatives: Tiziano Guardini, Flavia La Rocca, Bav Tailor, Silvia Giovanardi, Blue of a Kind, Yekaterina Yvankova, ACBC (innovative footwear), Officina 39, Juan Carlos Gordillo Arana and Laura Meijering.

Thanks to the presence of A New Awareness, non-profit collaboration project that involves universities, media, non-government organizations, industry and the civil society, three international talents, Helen Kirkum, Awareness Infinitum and Corrina Goutos, will partake too.

From Peru, for the first time in Italy, the two excellences AYNI and Sophia Lerner, while Fashion Revolution promotes the open studio workshop/ format with Abitario, Larissa Von Planta and Patrick McDowell, which are going to showcase a special embroidery technique on cloth.

Among the other workshops that deserve a mention, Corrina Goutos will show how she creates jewels and accessories from recycled headsets. 

The Royal Embassy of Denmark is glad to collaborate with WSM Fashion Reboot for the first event fully dedicated to sustainability at the next edition of Milan’s Fashion Week in January 2020, showcasing a selected collective of Danish designers, who have decided to harness their creativity to generate sustainable fashion, in line with the current priorities of the newly elected Danish Government.

WSM Fashion Reboot will also stage an important focus on innovative start-ups, ranging from fashion to services, like Lablaco, which promotes circu- lar fashion shopping, ArchiLab dedicated to beauty and 1TrueId app, which focuses on traceability.

On top of that, the space dedicated to WSM SMART Contest “Sustainable Manufacturing and Responsible Innovation Technologies”, an initiative organized by WHITE and coordinated by Francesca Romana Rinaldi to enhance the start-ups that offer sustainable products and services to revolutionize the fashion system by implementing responsible innovation.

WSM Fashion Reboot rather than a display of products, aims to be a manifesto to explore projects that will be enhanced through a bespoke setup – the white brick – a true blank page, the expression within a space of the ideas, values, creativity and goals 49 of all the partners of WSM Fashion Reboot, sharing a common goal: triggering positive change with a focus on transparency, innovation and social design.

A rich calendar of activities with talks and workshops held by key opinion leaders on the topic of global sustainability.

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