MV Agusta, an historic motorcycle manufacture born in Verger and based in Schiranna (Varese), has been showing their passion and love for the motorbikes in the way they are built. While using advanced robotics and precision machinery, mechanics still assemble every single engine by hand, creating a unique design following the tradition of the highest quality in production, captured in the motorbike with the signature of the technician who assembled it.

Interiors of the historic motorbike company MV Agusta.
Interiors of the historic motorbike company MV Agusta

MV Agusta and a new path of progressive growth

Since 2019, with Timur Sardarov as the new CEO of the brand accompanied with constant capital contributions, investments and a renewed management team, MV Agusta is towards a new path of progressive growth. The priority of Sardarov is a systematic strengthening of the dealer and a service after-sales, wanting, as the main goal, the most complete driving experience for next year’s bikers generation.
This growth and transformation has been visible, in numbers, as the production of motorbikes has been increased to 7.000 this year – already a record for the company – with the aim of 10.000 for the 2025 and the ambition of 15.000 per year as the final target. This increment will also be reflected with the presentation of one different motorbike model per year during the next five years.

MV Agusta motorbikes.
MV Agusta motorbikes

A renovated headquarter to preserve the environment and build a better relationship with motorbike enthusiasts

One of the most interesting investments of the company is the renovation of the site location, a privileged and beautiful place in the shores of the Varese lake, where their motorbikes are created. This place transmits a lot about how they build their products, with the design as the center of all their creations.

Design is the heart of MV Agusta creations

MV Agusta, developing an integration to the local community, are gonna be renovating their headquarters during the next years, contributing also to preserving the landscape, with the use of photovoltaic panels and sustainable technologies. Since it’s something that has been in their minds for a long time, the renovation will not only be a complete modernization of their structures, but also a way to conceive a better and closer relationship between them and the enthusiasts of the brand. With the construction of a museum, they will allow visitors, families or students the possibility to discover the past, present and future of the company inside the heart of the brand, experiencing, additionally,
how a motorbike is born and created one by one in an exclusive and unique design, showing to the costumers a possible image of what their future motorbike could be.

MV Agusta enters into the e-bikes world

Always pursuing their passion to build a vehicle loved by its owner, MV Agusta has just entered into the e-bikes world, their new easy and light mobility, an incorporation celebrated as a love story, calling them AMO (I LOVE in Italian). The e-bike has been produced to move easily around the city, but also to have fun travelling around the lake of Varese or a beloved place of the owner. However, what captivates your attention the most, is the way they are designed, as it’s quite difficult to observe the intentionally hidden engine, surrounded by the minimalistic attractive style of MV Agusta.


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