NARTIST: l’Arte a portata di mouse

Who are the other people involved in this initiative and why?
First and foremost, I should say that these individuals are interlocutors who even before becoming partners and thus stakeholders were characterized by a way of feeling and seeing life similar to mine. Besides the aforementioned Doimo Group, our network counts on the collaboration of Prof. Enzo Cannaviello, chairman of the National Association of Contemporary Modern Art Galleries, who supports the project through the involvement of artists in his Art Studio, guaranteeing artistic quality. Luca Borriello, Research Director of INWARD Observatory on Urban Creativity, ensures the artistic value of the talents featured on the NARTIST digital galleries inherent in the field of urban creativity and Street Art.

What goals do you wish to achieve with Nartist?
There are basically two. On one hand I would like the platform to become a true reference model, both as a form of contemporary art patronage as well as network of collective creativity and art. On the other hand, thanks to partnerships with both furniture and fashion companies, we want to revolutionize the world of production, which normally offers products as an expression of creativity that is not our own, and makes the act of buying a sterile experience. Instead, I would like to turn it into an emotional, unique and valuable experience. Through the NARTIST patent, creativity and art enter into everyday life and become personal, shared and democratic experiences.

The next steps?
Grow the start-up through new strategic, industrial and academic partnerships. Invest in communication and also in artistic initiatives, primarily linked to Italy and then in international markets, perhaps working with an ambassador for this project such as fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni.

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