Next Generation Awards: Manintown’s award to support new talents

VENICE, Friday 11 September, MAINTOWN presents the first edition of the NEXT GENERATION AWARDS, a new project that underlines the magazine’s further commitment to scouting new talent in the world of cinema and creativity. The link with cinema and the performing arts has become stronger and stronger over the last year to the point of becoming a real editorial focus of MANINTOWN, intended as a platform to discover the most promising names in cinema, music and communication field (including photographers, directors and digital artists).

Hence the need to give greater substance to this passion with the NEXT GENERATION AWARDS initiative, which finds its ideal and natural setting in Venice during the International Film Festival.

Federico Poletti, founder & Editor in chief of MANINTOWN, comments: “Since its inception in 2013, the magazine’s vocation has been oriented towards researching all that is innovative and reporting on emerging phenomena in fashion and the arts, from cinema to music, from art to design. Over time we have given voice to numerous performers, who we have seen grow up, also thanks to new platforms such as Netflix and social networks. Therefore, in addition to the two awards for new faces in cinema, it seemed interesting to me to give space to a phenomenon that comes from the web as well”.

The award winning of this first edition of the NEXT GENERATION AWARDS are:

– Best actor revelation: GIANCARLO COMMARE

– Best actress revelation: LUDOVICA FRANCESCONI

– Web talent of the Year: ELISA MAINO

Giancarlo Commare (born in 1991) has made his mark in series such as Netflix’s “Skam Italia“, and in the recent “Maschile Singolare“, a homosexual-themed film with a realistic narrative that has made a difference in filmmaking. A face that is growing with quality productions between cinema and theatre. We are going to see him shortly in cinemas from 16 September with “Ancora più bello” alongside Ludovica Francesconi. Therefore, we want to recognise his talent with the MANINTOWN New Generation Awards. Giancarlo Commare himself comments: “I like surprises, and the communication of this award was a surprise from every point of view. We all go through times that are a little down, and especially in those moments, good news helps and is more appreciated. We should always be surprised by life and be grateful for everything we are given.

Ludovica Francesconi (born in 1999), very young, with a face that you can’t help but fall in love with for its freshness and spontaneity. Also she is back from the great success of “Sul più bello” that we have seen on Amazon Prime Video, and now we will see her always at the side of Giancarlo in: “Ancora Più Bello”. She has always wanted to be an actress since she was a child when she could smell the popcorn. We are sure that her path will be full of awards and we want to be the first to award her with the MANINTOWN New Generation Awards as Best Revelation Actress.

Elisa Maino, born in 2003, with over 5 million followers on Tik Tok and almost 3 million on Instagram, is one of the most successful Italian web talents of her generation at an international level. Since opening her YouTube channel in 2014, Elisa has never stopped talking about herself and her passions on social media, becoming the inspirational muse of a generation. Passionate about writing, she has published two novels with Rizzoli: the first, “OPS”, has sold more than 100 thousand copies throughout Italy. The second, “OPS2 – Non ti scordar di me”, is a publishing success. Her third novel, “Con amore”, is due out on 20 September 2021.

Davide Musto, photographer & head of scouting at MANINTOWN: “I have the good fortune of following with a keen eye the evolution of new talents and socio-cultural changes that the world of cinema and its young actors give us every day. I am constantly searching for new faces and discovering them, which I accompany with fashion stories.  The choice of the two finalists came naturally. I have been following Commare since he appeared in the Skam series and from that moment on I have always wanted to capture his face with my camera. Over the years, Giancarlo Commare has been able to portray different roles with that fine truth that belongs only to great actors, and he has been able to modernise the ability to be a person as well as a character. I also had the honour of having already worked with Ludovica Francesconi and from the very first shot her gaze penetrated so deeply into my lens that it was natural to think about the future of this young actress, which I believe will be marked by great performances”.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, September 10, from 6:30 p.m. in the Campari Lounge | Terrazza Biennale and the winners will be the subject of a special report in the next issue of MANINTOWN to be published during the Rome Film Festival. In order to reaffirm the link with young creatives, MANINTOWN has chosen to have the NEXT GENERATIONS AWARD made by the Italian-Colombian artist Rosana Auqué, who created 3 works for the 3 winners to bear witness to the magic of the Venetian landscape and the art of cinema. Rosana herself says: “I wanted to convey the enchanting atmosphere of Venice, its infinite beauty and its great history. The magic of the landscape that mixes the sky with the city’s most characteristic element, the water, creating inexhaustible shades loved by so many artists. It is no coincidence that a King of France said “If I were not King of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice.”

The professional team of Kemon, visionary international leader in the world of hairstyling, will take care of the image of the two winners Giancarlo Commare and Ludovica Francesconi and the special guests of the event, as well as a series of talents that will be revealed in the next issue of MANINTOWN.

“Cinema has changed with the pandemic, but not in all ways for the worse, as the success of digital platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime has shown. Today we have the awareness that we obviously need to get people back into cinemas and back to safety, but we also have a flood of extra productions that can give work to actors, actresses and workers. Italian cinema was at a standstill for a moment, and it seemed that it could not evolve, but now we have a new generation of amazing and skilled actors. This is precisely why at MANINTOWN we wanted to give young talents a lot of space right from the start, especially looking at the publishing industry, which perhaps continued to talk about young talents through the same people, who were no longer so young. The cinema must be a safe home for experimentation, and only those who have the freshness and talent with a touch of irony will be able to carry the flag of Italian cinema around the world, just as Italy has always done. We must work so that those who deserve it can emerge, have fun and entertain audiences at home, because, let’s always remember it, cinema is entertainment,” concludes Fabrizio Imas, Entertainment Editor of MANINTOWN.


Campari Lounge | Terrazza Biennale – Venezia Lido (in front of the Palazzo del Casinò) Friday 10 September, from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

To register for the event: [email protected]


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