Born as the “anti-influencer”, to mock the fashion bloggers at the zenith of the phenomenon, Nicolò De Devitiis is known online as the first Italian motorbike blogger.

One of the protagonist in the Italian TV show Le Iene, a degree in marketing and a reputation as the sex symbol of Italian TV, how are you, a Millenial, experiencing this ascent of yours?
I am experiencing all this with great equanimity, as I accomplished all of my dreams when I was a child. Furthermore, I try to enjoy every single moment, doing my best, whatever I do. As a “Iena”, I work a lot and sometimes I sleep in my car for more than one day to complete a report.

Yours is the enthusiasm of a generation that, thanks to the birth of creative start-ups, is crossing the boundaries of global communication. Those who ascribed your popularity to your good connections, ignore that your success stems from the capability of exposing yourself, thus generating new ideas. How do you find the creative sparkle for your reportages?
I am very creative, all the projects arise from my ideas and, every time they are broadcast, we start all over again, from scratch. I constantly document myself and I keep and eye on what is happening around the world. My followers’ expectations are very high and I don’t want to disappoint them.

What is the professional achievement that, over the last few years of experimentation, has made you the proudest? For example, rumours have it that, before becoming a Iena, you worked with the old-timers to learn the ropes…
I am very proud, after working my way up the ladder, to have interviewed Valentino Rossi when he never spoke with the press, and Gian Piero Ventura and Carlo Tavecchio, following Italy’s debacle in the run-up to the World Cup. Nicolò and fashion: you declared that, apart from your Iena outfit, you prefer an urban and casual style, in keeping with your biker imprinting.

If you were to choose a different style for yourself, how would you imagine yourself?I imagine myself on the Red Carpet with smoking, bow-tie and an old-style British actor attitude.

From imagination to reality, what are the professional “rides” expecting in 2018?
I am very superstitious, I absolutely want to continue with Le Iene, Goal Deejay and Car Karaoke. Then, whatever will be will be!

Fashion stylist & art director| Alessia Caliendo
Photographer| Riccardo Ambrosio
Grooming| Ginevra Calie
Fashion assistant| Veronica Carrocci
Location| Roots Milano Hair & Tattoo

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