Passion for sneakers

Sneakers are, without any doubt, the most popular shoes of the last decades. They know no limits in terms of style or generation and thanks to their charm they can be worn also in formal looks, tuxedo included. 

The first ones date back to the end of 1800, they had a rubber sole and canvas upper for a purely sporting use and their nickname comes from the fact that they didn’t make any noise when walking and, in this way, everyone could sneak up on someone without being heard. 

It was the irresistible James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” who made this type of footwear a real cult to wear every day, from the ground to the asphalt, under the denim or a tailored suit. 

From the iconic model which was spread in sixties, faithfully replicated by boutiques and online shops, to the pieces made with precious materials and a balanced design in lines and colours, for those who think that a sneaker has nothing to envy to an elegant leather brogue. 

They are models with a contemporary design, characterized by a free reinterpretation of forms and above all by bold colours. Proposals full of strong personality, a hymn to the new season. With a sock-like upper and phyton print inserts, details and shades which make these sneakers collectibles. 

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