Patrick Van Negri

Patrick Van Negri is a highly motivated, driven, passionate individual who is strongly dedicated to learning and executing duties effectively to achieve goals and grow in success. Originally from beautiful Croatia, he is currently living in Miami which has been his dream since he was a little kid. He grew-up watching Scarface, Miami Vice, CSI Miami, and Ultra, and he loved the heat of summer and days at the beach, while he loathe the cold of winter, so choosing a sunny place to set down his roots were a no-brainer. He recently graduated double-majoring in International Business and Marketing. Nowadays, he is modeling and exploring acting, as well as still producing music and consulting brands in digital and social media with a strong entrepreneurial passion.

Your definiton of influencer/blogger/ambassador
It is someone who is a role-model and trustworthy. Someone who wears cool shoes that you instantly fall in love with and want to buy them. In other words, someone who can influence the mass with their authenticity, positivity, and connection to his/her community.

How do you imagine the evolution of the social world and of your business?
Well, eventually people will use it even more than nowadays (yes, I said that). Lol. With the AI and augmented reality we will just put some contact lenses on our eyes and it will be so good that your brain will be fully convinced it is real. This is just the beginning.

In your opinion, which is the social (network) of the future?
That is really hard to predict. It might be the one that is not even launched yet. I believe that Instagram will maintain it’s leadership role for a long time, and that Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat will keep evolving. I know a lot of great platforms like Anchor and Peach, or even Marco Polo that has a great potential, but we will see what the future will bring. I hope Pinterest will become more “mainstream” because it is a really useful platform.

Negative side of your job
I honestly do not see any negative aspects of my job. Otherwise, I would not do it. I would love to hear it from others.

How much do you earn with this job? The numbers of your business
I wish I can disclose that, but the contracts do not allow me to do it. Let’s say it is a decent amount.

How many of your advices are sincere and not sponsored?
The only asset I have is authenticity. My “brand” is based upon authenticity itself, so I want to make sure I am truthful to my audience and that my advice is always 300% sincere at all times, whether something is sponsored or not. That is the thing I care about the most. Your priority should be that you are bringing the most value to your audience, as much as you can. You are there to serve them! All the perks that are coming with it should be a “side-effect”. You always have to give more, and never expect anything in return. That is the beauty of it.

Practical suggestion of style or beauty or places you like (a travel guide for a city)
Uff! I can go here on an on. For style, go with your personality and character. Try to find your own style and own it. Do not try to copy others – just be yourself! For beauty, I would recommend using all-natural and organic products with no chemicals or anything that is doing you a disfavor. Travel? Since I am from Croatia I have to sell it to you! LOL. Jokes aside, it is the most beautiful and versatile country – I call it the center of the universe. It truly has everything you need: a beautiful coastline with 1,200 islands, amazing mountains and national parks, and every village is so authentic and has its own charm. I honestly do not know where to start, last time I went back home I was there for almost 3 months, and I did not even get pass Istria, which is my state. So many beautiful places, food, and people to explore. No wonder it is becoming the world’s favorite destination.

Has The “influencer” job a deadline? How do you imagine your job when you will be old?
If you think about it, “influencer” job started a long time ago, all the way to Ancient Greece and even further. There will always be people who influence the masses. So, I do not believe it has a deadline. It will just evolve and find it’s way in different mediums, forms, and platforms. I do not imagine what my life will be when I am old. I am focused on today and creating the most value and bringing that value to others in different forms and shapes. If the only thing you are good at is social media numbers, then you are doing something wrong. That cannot be the best thing about you.

What counts most? A beautiful face or a good content?
Good content always wins, every day. What if a beautiful face has a fake and ugly personality? That happens very often. In my book, intent and heart are what matters the most.

How many hours do you dedicate to the preparation of your look and job?
With the look, it is pure inspiration. So, it happens instantaneously. To go out and shoot the content can vary. It can be done in 20 minutes, and sometimes it can be more than 1 day if the content did not come out to be as good as I would be satisfied with it, so I have to re-shoot it.

Which app do you use to retouch your photos and how many retouches do you use to create the perfect picture?
I do not use apps or retouchers to edit my photos anymore. Now I mainly use Photoshop and sometimes Lightroom. Learn those softwares and that is all you need!

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