PETINTOWN: gift ideas for your pet

Christmas is coming and it means only one thing: it’s time to amaze those we love with wonderful gifts. And for whom do we feel more, if not for our faithful four-legged roommates? It is a good thing that they find a little present under the tree to be discarded “on six legs” and spend a special moment with us.

Here, you can find some ideas, suitable for every budget, that will allow you to make happy those who share time and emotions with us, our dogs and cats. From the most traditional and useful gifts to the most curious ones. Let yourself be inspired and then run to buy and pack for your favorite paw, in return you will receive even more affection!

To enchant our dogs we relied on Toonpet, a stylish e-commerce boutique, founded a year ago and curated by real dog enthusiasts and fashion lovers, who select objects and create collections to make our puppies feel more and more special and fashion.

donut bed toonpet


This hairy and comfortable kennel is designed to wrap your puppy during his numerous and extreme naps and prevents the deterioration of his coat. Thanks to its round shape, this high-quality kennel is ideal for animals that love to curl up! The raised edge creates a sense of security and provides support for the head and neck, while the super-soft padding offers relief from joint and muscle pain. Cozy, flexible, finished with synthetic fur and self-heating, reminiscent of a mother’s fur! Toonpet has selected for us two models and a range of colors, making it a perfect addition to the decor of each room. Finished with funds resistant to water and dirt, it helps prevent accidental discomfort from reaching your floors.


Larry – The Winter Parka

Dress your furry little friend and make him feel protected from the cold. Larry – the Winter parka, is a stylish, warm and comfortable accessory, equipped with a back pocket that allows you to bring with you some crunchy or walkies bags to picks up after him. Available in blue and suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Easy to wear and clean!


From a day in the outdoors together, to the journeys and trips typical of the holidays, Pet-a-porter, the collection of luxury bags made by hand, is a must-have to transport your four-legged friend comfortably and safely: lets you take it wherever you need to go and let it discover new places with you. Click on the link to discover the different seasonal models available in more colors, from pastel for the summer, or polka throughout the year, to Herringbone fabric for a winter mood. They are all customizable with the name of your pet!


poshy me bathrobe

Winter brings rain, snow and cold and every time you and your dog come home from the walk, he deserves to come back clean with a nice bath. In the Toon Spa category, you will find a selection of bathrobes to make your puppy feel just like in a wellness center. The band to be tied at the waist still needs the help of mom or dad to be tied. It is made of sponge fabric specially designed to absorb water.

Eat your Veggies PAJAMA

Carrot Pajama

A comfortable and warm dog is a happy dog. Toonpet has created Snoozy Pup, a capsule collection of pajamas that will wrap your puppies in total comfort. Designed for puppies, it is also suitable for small and medium-sized breeds.

Don’t tell cat if you have not bought him a Christmas gift yet! For those who are lovers of felines, we have selected some objects from the web to fascinate them


Tigrito Alessi

Tigrito is the bowl that ALESSI has created for your kitty. Available in three colors and consisting of two bowls, it brings joy to the home. Do you think your cat can recognize himself in it?



With this scratching tree, your cat will have so much to scratch, hide and jump from side to side during the day that it will no longer haunt you every 5 minutes, making you the sweet eyes to get yet another bowl of dry food



Cats have always enjoyed running after anything they roll or have a tail. For Christmas, give him this game with an irresistible consistency and a clink that stimulates the desire to play. Inside it also contains catnip. He’s already licking his mustache, what are you waiting for to buy it?


window hammock

If you have a cat you can’t help but notice how immensely you love to squat in front of the window and lookout. With this hammock, you can afford to do it with maximum comfort.


hanging brush

And have you ever caught your cat scratching its nose against the door jambs? With these innovative hanging brushes, you will allow them to scratch themselves by feeling relief and you will prevent them from hurting themselves against the hard edges of walls and doors.

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