Phone Smart: Five Must-have Apps

Apps can have pure entertainment value but can also be very useful helpmates. For instance, if you want to find a new way to knot your tie, or to organize a chez-moi cocktail party, or even to experiment a new look.
MANINTOWN shares five of its favourite apps.



Take a photo of any wine label to uncork pricing, ratings, reviews, and info on where to buy it online. Vivino is a wine scanner used by almost 17 million users to ‘Pick Better Wine…to see which wines to buy and which to leave on the shelf’. Download the free app on the App store, get it on Google Play or download the Windows Phone version.



Fancy throwing a cocktail party and doing the bartending yourself? This free app from the App Store offers a menu of 400 simple-to-make cocktail recipes complete with instructions and tips. Divided into 15 categories, the selection ranges from alcohol-free to whiskey based concoctions and ends with the full alphabetical listing. “Cocktail Finder” is a fantastic tool that searches for cocktails to make from the ingredients you have in stock at home, saving you that last-minute dash to the store, while “Cromococktails” is perfect for giving your cocktail party a colour theme as it lets you choose what to prepare based on the colour of the drink.

bag list

Bag List

Packing your suitcase can be a head-scratching affair, especially if it’s got to be done at the last minute. Then there’s always the risk of forgetting something vital, like your phone charger (how many times has that happened?). So Bag List is the perfect app for even the most distracted. The user can remove and/or add items at any time to personalise their packing list. Download from Google Play.

tie sight


Tie glitches can happen to the best, and knotting a tie can be especially frustrating if you usually wear casual or sporty clothes. But now, TieSight means it’s no longer necessary to ask for help from mum or girlfriend. In fact, the German app makes it really easy to tie a tie, just follow the step-by-step guide on the camera of your mobile.
Select the type of knot you want to tie, bring yourself into the right position in front of the computer screen then follow the TieSight instructions to tie the perfect knot.



Stocked by both the App Store and Google Play, this app lets you try on different styles of moustaches to see if they suit you. The free app lets you play with all conceivable variations of the ‘tache, while the colour changes automatically to match the colour of your hair to produce a truly authentic rendering. All you need do is take a selfie. Not sure whether you like the result? A little shake of your mobile will bring up both the before and after shots.

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