Pietro Lucerni: my body, my planet

From fashion and advertising, the work of Pietro Lucerni moved to explore a more artistic side of nature and body, like in the fine-artwork “Naked Moon” series of black&white images with the famous international ballet star and First Dancer at La Scala Theatre, Virna Toppi as the protagonist. Exclusively for MANINTOWN the latest editorial “My Body, My Planet” where Lucerni wants to emphasize the relationship between man and the natural elements. And more particularly it celebrates that intimate and ancestral relationship between woman and nature. “Mother Earth who, like a woman, welcomes, generates, guards life and transforms it into an explosion of beauty that seduces and makes us evolve. We live in an era that has a deep need for beauty, not just aesthetics. Nature optimizes the evolution of species in a continuous relationship with the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Beauty is the engine of real cultural progress made of balance, respect, freedom, and love. These are the four elements that I would like to tell because they are the four elements that can guarantee a better future for our planet and for us who inhabit it.

“My Body, My Planet: my body is my planet.
Through my work, I would like to make a small contribution in spreading a positive message through beauty in a difficult period, which however can also represent rebirth and an extraordinary opportunity for a new awareness. Respect for our planet passes through respect for ourselves and others. And, today more than ever, I think that a cultural revolution of this magnitude is possible only through a female vision.
Beauty, and women, can save the world” declared Pietro Lucerni.


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