Rockstud Untitled: Valentino Man rediscovers the charm of imperfection

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of perfect imperfection, the idea that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect. Using as inspiration of the Japanese technique of kintsugi, which suggests to repair the broken ceramic objects with gold dust, with the intention that from a flaw can derive a higher form of aesthetic and inner perfection, Valentino raises the Rockstud Untitled project, a capsules unisex collection of classic distilled to the essence and reread through the savoir -faire of the historic maison. A craftsmaship in a key rough, where studs are the real binder: twelve constituent elements of the perfect man wardrobe – the white shirt to peacoat blue, beige trench coat with jeans, gray T-shirt from the camel coat, from crewneck to the white sneaker – which part has been removed and then repaired using golden studs instead of stitching. The tension between industrial and craft, between series and uniqueness characterizes the project and makes it unique in the contemporary fashion scene. Each garment is identified by a serial number from 1 to 12, stamped on the white canvas bag that contains it. It seems almost anonymous but when worn, reveals signs of a customization from synthetic, authentic and well defined touch: traces of a life potential, intimate, and a human imperfection, internalized as the sign of beauty that distinguishes us.
In the Man FW 16/17 fashion show, the capsule evolves in Noir- rutheium studs version and black contaminate the most cattle men rtw and accessories – Open sneaker and clutch.
Especially the ruthenium studs for the clutch become all-around and even the ad hoc packaging becomes a noir intense version.
In the “Native” details, leather is inlaid with a precise technique, each geometric detail is hand-painted, is treated with the same attention as the all: because the detail reveals the essence of each man.

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