Skin 689: essential beauty for the contemporary gentleman

Manintown meets Max von Troschke, Managing Partner of skin689 (skincare luxury products made in Switzerland).

Max von Troschke is an entrepreneur in the luxury beauty and skincare routine’s field. A maximum expert to achieve eternal youth. When it comes to resolve problems for having a toned skin, he’s the voice to listen to. Man in Town met him and asked him some QS about the perfect and essential beauty routine for men.

Skin and beauty. What are the latest trends for radiant skin for a man?

Consumers are demanding in regard to performance – and knowledgeable in regard to ingredients. Among other things we see a continued trend towards performance with proven efficacy and active ingredients from medical research.

As a beauty expert, what does your product range offer to your clients in order to improve how they look? in other words, your brand philosophy.

We are all about firm skin and defined contours for the body. With innovative ingredients and proven efficacy.

Do’s and don’ts for men in the field of beauty treatment. Help our readers not to get lost in the welter of products on the market and recommend an effective essential routine.

As often less is more. Most treatments are only effective when done regularly. So when you cannot add it to your routine don’t even start. And look for proven efficacy.

Tell us about your new 2021 products.

We just launch a new crème for tummy and hips – with dual power against fat cells.

How was skin689 born? I guess constant training is necessary. What fascinates you about this world day after day? 

We started off with a revolutionary active ingredient. This was discovered in medical research. In clinical studies we proved its effects on elasticity (collagen fibres) and fat cells – and brought it to cosmetics. At skin689 we are thrilled to bring true innovation to the market. 

Your brand’s next goals. 

We remain focused on the body, with cosmeceutical products that really work. For that, we keep researching and scouting for new ingredients to further boost the efficacy of our products.


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