SUKET DHIR indo-centric contemporary menswear

Among the countries to discover for the rich heritage and a dynamic fashion scene, it is India which surprises for the creativity of its talents. In the menswear panorama a name to watch is Suket Dhir, talented and acclaimed Indian designer, who will showcase for the first time at WHITE MAN & WOMAN tradeshow with his collection named The Royal Within, a tribute to a next generation craftsmanship. Winner of the authoritative International Woolmark Prize 2016 Mr Dhir is the scrupulous observer of a global culture that ceaselessly transforms and evolves. From his little studio in the Lado Sarai district, the latest creative hub in New Delhi, with his hands ideally outstretched to the world, Suket draws inspiration from the memories of a pure youth, the memory of his grandfather, always sporting an umbrella under his right arm – ideal archetypal of an elegance devoid of superstructures – down to the summer holidays in the mango orchards and plantations of a subcontinent that was very different from today’s India, though equally rich in suggestions: composed men with an outstanding sense of shape and proportions. Clean lines and a natural taste for colour are this designer’s main features, who graduated at the National Institute Fashion Technology in New Delhi. Next, thanks to the International Woolmark Prize, success came with the right dose of clamour also thanks to his wife, a manager capable of skilfully handling the brand’s marketing activities and to a good-natured Punjabi Hindu. A sort of outsider of the Indian fashion system, creator of a fashion that is synonym for extremely refined craftsmanship and featuring a sharp colour palette. Dhir engenders a harmonious synthesis between contemporary geometries, wearable silhouettes and ethereal taste, combining handicraft techniques with the use of mostly ecological premium fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, fine muslin, silk and wool to give birth to shapes that are seemingly classic, yet revealing an eccentric and very refined twist.
Suket Dhir is debuting at WHITE MILANO a unique journey through di erent handicraft techniques, a playful research leading to superior creations. A talent to keep an eye on the international menswear scene.

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