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Chef Rubio also known as Gabriele Rubini (born in 1983) is not only the protagonist and television phenomenon of UNTI E BISUNTI broadcast on DMAX, but an eclectic man for culture and interests. Gabriele is an avid reader and traveler, loves books saturated with poetry and dream visions: the authors have formed him, as Murakami, but also Frey, Palahniuk and Welsh. His education began at the high school, in a multicultural environment full of subcultures between punk and metal fans.He lives his adolescence between music, study, sport and a lot of reading. The sport gets for therapeutic reasons after a bad scoliosis. He choosed rugby, after trying to practice without constant judo, fencing and basketball. He remembers the early days, in which rugby represented to him ” fatigue, stress, cold and beating”, that slowly turns into something that he will not be able to do without. “From distrust to dependency”, he says. Hallmark of Chef Rubio is undoubtedly the irony with sarcastic tones and a charisma that involves people in the territories and in the most different situations. Recently he took a shirtless portray by the photographer Alessia Leporati with a lamb on his shoulders. A bucolic picture that in the intentions wanted to celebrate the charism of Rubio as a shepherd who leads his flocks of followers. From here it has developed a chain reaction among newspapers and websites, including controversies and enthusiastic comments. The result? Rubio is well captured in his figurine version in the role of pastor. The maestro Marco Ferrigno, the head in the art of Neapolitan terracotta and among the most productive in transforming in shepherds the characters of politics and show business, says: “With a so naturally pose, I thought inevitable a recognition to Rubio who in his program has been able to give the right emphasis to the culinary tradition that lives right here, in the alleys of our historical center of Naples, in San Gregorio Armeno”. Rubio remains a tireless traveler and insatiable searcher of flavors and culinary traditions, overcoming borders and patterns. With his program Unti e Bisunti, with tones often irreverent, he was able to convey a message in which the food is also curiosity about what surrounds us, an accessible culture to everyone, a mirror of society and not an elitist phenomenon.

Exclusively for MANINTOWN we show the “gentleman” side of Chef Rubio, also through images of the service directed by Peter Cardona in which you will see him in a new version.

How was your adolescence?

I was a normal boy who faced studies of the classical high school and I grew up in an environment with different ethnic groups such as metal fans, punk or what they call “zecche” in Rome. Music has always been present during the span of the school and the study was present, but it was not important for me.

How is your passion for the sport?

Actually it is started for therapeutic and health purpose, because having had scoliosis at ten years I started practicing rugby, judo, fencing and basketball. Then when I started rugby, I have never stopped.

How did you come to the world of food?

I had different experiences as gourmand, traveling in Europe and particularly in the United Kingdom. All interests a little forgotten because I thought of the career in rugby. Then over time it has become a subject of study,and only after a job, thanks to an interlocking of multiple situations. Then the fact of being able to tell a program was another opportunity that I confirmed the need to show a country or a people without ignore the street culture and the poor cuisine.

Among the cities that you visited, what would you live?

Since 2012 I moved around twelve nations before the television adventure, including India, China, Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel. All very interesting experiences, I am also very fond of the East and Tokyo is the city where I would live quietly.

How was this year of “Unti e Bisunti”?

It was the most followed and the most complex series, certainly different from the first and second ones. I am also an active parte in the planning of program, since in any case it speaks of myself and I contribute to the design of the content.

How do you choose the city to visit and in which one do you have more satisfaction?

Unfortunately I can’t always choose because there are production requirements, even if my dream was to go abroad to tell different cities and reality. Surely Girona and the Costa Brava were not among my favorite destinations, but once there I discovered a fantastic reality. You never stop learning and therefore you have sometimes preconceived ideas when instead they starting turn out to be super interesting.

Your irony has caused controversy in the network and among vegans.

This vegan’s never existed, it was only a title taken by some newspapers and commentaries that criticized the shots in an unorthodox way. So I speak out of turn…therefore a revolt of fans vegans has been unleashed, when instead I am the first to have vegan friends. In the pastoral photos that caused such stir, there are rural images related to the area of Parma, where I lived and I feel right to pay tribute to the city.

If I open your wardrobe?

You’ll find mostly T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops…from April to October I prefer to be barefoot, then if the weather works against me, I also put the shoes!

And the elegance…

The last occasion on which I wore formal dress was at a wedding of a friend. For this and other occasions I always choose a bespoke suit.

Which is the message you would like to launch with your program?

To love and respect others, to involve people who have around and that everything we were can’t be forgotten for a better future, but there must be a connection between the past and the future that make us alive the present in the best way possible. Food is a silver thread around which revolve sociological and anthropological themes, but shines only to those who want to deepen the theme.

Photo | Roberta Krasnig
Style | Peter Cardona
Grooming | Veronica Caboni
Special Thanks | Lanificio Roma

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