Which features must a suitcase have to be perfect? It must be lightweight, strong and stylish. This is how Samsonite has answered, with an exceptional global campaign, called “The Serious Traveller”, and shot by the famous portrait and fashion photographer Rankin. In this campaign nine international influencers are filmed while they are ironically showing the functionalities of their luggage, that makes their journeys even more confortable. Among the selected influencers, there are the Royal Ballet’s soloist Eric Underwood and the model, presenter, DJ and blogger Charlotte De Carle. Samsonite has met the needs of those who, like them, have to travel a lot, by combining functionality and style: the new collection Curv® mixes the best materials and the most modern technologies with innovative and timeless designs, which assure strength and protection without adding more weight. The careful attention to the details distinguishes also the inside, upholstered with an extra soft fabric and organized in sectors with adjustable strips to maintain all the garments perfectly tidy. MANINTOWN interviewed these two influencers for you.


Which is the most important feature of a suitcase for those who travel a lot, like you do?
Considering I’m on the go often, a lightweight suitcase is the most important feature for me.

How did you start dancing? Did you ever imagine it would become your job?
I started dancing after forgetting my lines at an acting audition, I saw a few girls doing splits preparing for a dance audition and thought well I’ll have a go at dancing. I had no idea there was a chance I could pursue this as my dream job.. wow!

How is your relationship with fashion?
I’ve always taken an interest in fashion, working as a model and the love of great menswear!

Who are your style icons?
My Style icons are Sammy Davis jr. and Frank Sinatra

Which passions do you have, other than ballet?
I’ve had the opportunity to work in television a few times and that’s a discipline I love and feel quite passionately about.

Do you have a dream or a project that you want to realize?
I have a few projects and dreams I’d like to pursue and hopefully they’ll come true, stay tuned to the telly (hint) lol!


Which is the most important feature of a suitcase for those who travel a lot, like you do?
I’m not sure I can just pick one to be honest. For frequent travelling there any many factors to be taken into account. I need a suitcase to be durable because we all know airports don’t look after suitcases as well as they could. I need it to be manoeuvrable as the more I don’t have to carry my case the better. I also it need to still look good which is why I love Samsonite. The cases are wonderfully slick, strong and attractive. So it’s an all round natural winner! Got my vote!

What cannot be missed in your suitcase?
That would definitely be deodorant. I don’t mind not wearing clothes, having a dirty face or not having my favourite tea but my armpits have to be fresh.

Talking about fashion, who are your style icons?
To be honest my mum is my style icon. She doesn’t have a huge budget but always manages to look classy and expensive. She also loves taking risks which is admirable. Her PVC trousers are an absolute treat!  

You seem a very cheerful person, what is your tip to always see the silver linings in life?
Life is too short. You don’t need to worry about what other people think or do. Do what you enjoy, what makes you happy because at the end of the day life is a gift so focus on the present

Do you have a dream or a project that you want to realize?
To be honest my dream has always been to bring people joy and a small distraction from everyday life. So to work with Rankin on this shoot was amazing because I love all the creativity and fun he puts into his shoots. So maybe to continue what I am doing but on a grander scale would be the end goal for me. Take a leaf out of his book and go hard or go home!

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