The football star Mats Hummels was chosen to show the versatility of the new Boss Stretch Tailoring. This revolutionary suit is the last one in Hugo Boss wardrobe. It combines the elegance of a business suit and the comfort of the jersey jumpsuit. The secret lies in the fabric: two stretch fabric layers that ensure maximum freedom of movement while maintaining the perfect “aplómb” of the suit.
The external part is made from 100% wool, with braided wire in a spring model layout, while the internal lining is realized with a stretch fiber. The design of the suit is both accurate and tailored, with a comfort normally associated with the jersey jumpsuit. Suits are available in different models: a navy business suit line, the classic pin-striped suit, and a modern one in burgundy, worn by Hummels in a football performance, in which the innovation of the Boss Stretch Tailoring was highlighted.

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