The New Taste of Tradition

Antica Pizzeria da Michele

There are places in which tradition never grows old.  There are places in which, when you sit at a table, you hope to find the flavours of your grandmother’s cooking, without giving up the gourmet experimentation of modern cuisine.  There are places to which you continue to return, not because of habit but by choice.  The fact that Italians are closely linked to their culinary tradition is not to be discounted, but today it doesn’t end there.  The wave of experimenting with memorised recipes and bold re-elaborations is, in fact, an increasingly recognizable leitmotiv. One notable name? L’Osteria Francescana in Modena that, under the expert control of Chef Massimo Bottura, was awarded second place this year among the World’s Best Restaurants in Europe.
Here are 6 locales that go from pizza to gelato to gourmet, rediscovering traditions and creating new tastes.

Antica Pizzeria da Michele – 125 Church Street (London)
From Naples to London via Tokyo.  In the Forcella neighbourhood of Naples, the Condurro family- who for the last 130 years has provided culinary respite from the chaos passing outside its windows- has recently decided to share itself with the rest the world. The idea was Alessandro’s, a descendent of the founder, who has turned Michele‘s pizza into a start-up called “Michele in the World.” In the English capital, in addition to the historic menu choices (margherita and marinara), there are also dishes designed to please and delight the British palate.

Antica Osteria La Rampina – Frazione Rampina, San Giuliano Milanese (Milan)


More than just a historic restaurant in the Milan area, it is a landmark of Lombardy cuisine. Strictly family run, today this trattoria has gone through a rebirth thanks to the direction of young Executive Chef Luca Gagliardi who amalgamates highly experimental dishes with the more traditional menu offerings of his father Lino. Luca, who gained experience at Le Buerehiesel in Strasbourg under the guidance of triple-starred Chef Westermann, offers his sensibility, close attention and knowledge of the most technical innovations on tradition to everyone who enters La Rampina’s dining room built in the 500s.

Restaurant Passerini – Rue Traversière (Paris)

Once in awhile they return, and when they do, they return big. We are talking about Giovanni Passerini, 40-something chef who, after being absent from the French culinary scene, returned one year ago with his very personal new restaurant. If you’ve already forgotten the out-of-this-world pumpkin ravioli and the sea urchin served in his former bistrot Rino, in his new benchmark Italian gourmet restaurant just behind the Bastille, it is a splendour to discover the perfection of Italian cuisine and restaurant flair- from the pasta, to which an entire menu section is devoted, to the management to the strong matriarchal fingerprint.

VesYouVio e Frie ‘N’ Fuie – Via Spontini (Milan)

Revolution often derives from the need to rediscover old traditions,” is the leitmotiv of Vincenzo Di Fiori, Neapolitan by birth, with an international vision. The desire to rediscover one’s own roots is a growing trend in the world of food and the recipes created exclusively for this little Neapolitan restaurant in Milan are the proof. Don’t be fooled, the fried bites contain entire recipes of Neapolitan tradition that will delight even the most pretentious palate.

La Bottega del Buon Caffè – Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini (Florence)

From nature to the plate. With one Michelin star. The cuisine of Antonello Sardi is authentic, honest and exceptional. He began as an assistant, but in no time his culinary skills caught the eye and the palate of those around him.   His natural ability, along with his unique ingenuity deserve recognition as one of Tuscany’s talented young chefs. This harmony strengthens his dishes that are inspired by the regional and seasonal traditions that manage to be daring without going overboard.

Gelateria Tasta – Corso Garibaldi (Milan)

The only place that offers 100% natural classic hot chocolate, made directly from chocolate bars. Gelato shop, and also a bakery with a strong Sicilian influence, they are new arrivals to Milan. The raw ingredients are of excellent quality, like green pistachio DOP from Bronte or Piemontese hazelnut IGP, and the recipes are the emblem of experimentation between pairings, flavours and unique tastes created by the TastaLab that confirms its success every day. Here as in all over the world.

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