The quarantine according to influencers

After the decree of the 8th of March issued by the Italian government, in Italy there is a limitation of movements. In fact, Italians have to stay home and go out only for close needs or emergencies. 

For this reason, a lot of Italian people in these days are spending their time cooking, doing workout and working from home. 

However, social networks and especially Instagram, are one of their favourite pastimes and Influencers are trying to entertain people as much as possible. 

Here a small list of Influencers to follow during the quarantine.

Paolo Stella (@paolostella

Influencer and writer, in these days he has decided to collect some proposals day-by-day on how to spend time during the quarantine and he uses the hashtag #Mysweetquarantine. His motto is: “We are in a new time, find a new way to spend it”. 

Giulia Valentina (@giuliavalentina)

In addition to taking part in the initiative of Paolo Stella #Mysweetquarantine, during these days she has interviewed Claudio Vicini, an Italian doctor, to ask him some recurring questions about Covid19 to give her Instagram followers some useful information. Moreover, in her Ig Stories she plays with her chihuahuas and teaches English to her followers. 

Luca Vezil (@lucavezil)

Fitness lover and boyfriend of Valentina Ferragni (@valentinaferragni), during these days he makes videos and Instagram lives to give his followers some tips about homemade workouts only using a mat, a gym elastic and a lot of willpower. In this way, he encourages his followers to look always fit. 

Paola Turani (@paolaturani)

Model and fashion influencer, during these days, in addition to showing her everyday life with her dogs and her husband Riccardo Serpellini (@rickyserpella), she shares nice Tik Tok to entertain her followers and give them some carefree moments. 

Marco Cartasegna (@marcocartasegna)

Influencer and Italian-Spanish model, on Instagram he talks about politics and in these days of quarantine he makes some IGTV videos expressing his point of view about the moves of the Italian government giving his followers some information. 

Veronica Ferraro (@veronicaferraro)

Fashion influencer, during these days she has taken part in the initiative of Paolo Stella #Mysweetquarantine and every morning at 10.00 am she shares an IGTV video of a homemade workout taking inspiration from his husband and personal trainer Giorgio Merlino (@giorgiomerlino). 

Leo Gassman (leogass.official)

Singer and winner of Sanremo young 2020, he invites his followers to stay home and he makes Instagram lives in which he sings and plays the guitar to keep company to his audience. 

Camilla Boniardi (@camihawke)

During these days, Camihawke shares on her Instagram profile some nice Tik Tok in which she gives her followers some advice on tv series to watch during the quarantine.  

Marco Fantini (marcofantini_mf

Influencer, model and boyfriend of Beatrice Valli (@beatricevalli), in addition to inviting his followers to stay home and to thanking the doctors who are dealing with this emergency, he shares Ig Stories about his everyday life and he also shows some cooking recipes. 

Frank Gallucci (@frankgallucci)

Frank daily updates his followers about the Covid19 situation in Italy and all around the world. Moreover, he tries to entertain them with tik tok and hilarious videos. 

Filippo Cirulli (@filippocirulli)

Trendsetter, art and antique lovers, during this quarantine, Filippo teaches us how to polish silver, how to clean glasses in an optimum way and how to create cocktails for aperitifs. 

Alessandro Magni (@ale_magni)

Alessandro is a globetrotter and so for him is difficult to stay home. Despite this, he always respects the rules and invites his followers to do the same. In this period of forced confinement, he tidies up his wardrobe and he shows us his amazing clothes. 

Elisa Taviti (@elisataviti)

Tuscan influencer, in these days, Elisa looks after the house and the kitchen and gives her followers some advice on how to prepare desserts and traditional dishes. She also gives them some beauty tips! 

Roberto Valbuzzi (@notordinarychef)

Roberto is a chef of the Italian Tv program “Cortesie per gli ospiti” (channel 31 Real Time). He cooks special dishes and recipes to make during this period. He also makes Instagram lives with friends and well-known people in the world of food. 

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