Timeless destinations

At Como Lake we explored the historic Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the modern and rigorous Sereno, the classicism of Villa Lario and then the refined design of Villa Peduzzi. On Garda Lake, classic meets exotic at Grand Hotel Fasano, while silence and simplicity are at home at Forestis on our Dolomites.

This section is a journey into established and well know destinations but with a different eye on lifestyle. A series of more alternative places that stand out for their hidden beauty.

Villa Peduzzi – Pigra (CO) 

A fine example of Art Nouveau architecture, perfectly integrated with modern buildings, the Villa enjoys one of the most beautiful views in Europe, standing on top of the Como Lake. Its panoramic view embraces the Lake, the valleys and the mountains. 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Tremezzina (CO) 

His story begins in 1910, in full Belle Epoque. An enchanting place, with a breathtaking view on the panorama of Bellagio, the Azaleas Riviera, and the beautiful rocky mountaintops of the Grigne.

Villa Lario – Pognana Lario (CO) 

This estate represents the perfect blend of classic Italian architecture and modern standards of luxury. The eighteen suites of the complex are spread out across four different buildings: the Palace, the White Villa, the Pavilion and the Garden Suite, surrounded by two acres of private green. 

Il Sereno – Torno (CO) 

The stylistic sobriety is mirrored in the silent lake surrounding the area: the harmonious shapes recall a sense of peace and elegant tranquility. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, it stands out for its stern and simple construction, the cornerstone of every creation of the Iberian archi-star.  

Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe – Gardone Riviera (BS) 

Tradition and modernity are combined in harmony inside this peaceful oasis. A luxury hotel, ideal to indulge in the fascination of a historical mansion that incorporates the local atmosphere with exotic charms. 

Forestis Dolomites – Bressanone (BZ) 

A shelter kissed by the sun and deep in the silence of the Plancios woods, where one can rediscover the values of time, simplicity and nature, immersed in a place full of energy and extraordinary natural features. 


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