Ulzzang generation, Seoul’s fashion and music

To make an example, in Chile the band is so popular online, that the tour’s promoter did not even advertise on traditional media. The fans started to cue in front of Santiago Arena’s ticket office a week before the concert. The price of the ticket went from 35 and 200 euro. But the 12.500 tickets were all sold out within two hours. The boy band Big Bang is also extremely popular: currently in stand-by mode, as one of the members is doing the military service. The leader, G-Dragon, is also a well-known soloist, besides modelling and having been Vogue Korea’s face for one year. The Seventeen are very loved for their spotless performances, highlighting a K-pop’s feature, since PSY hypnotized the whole world with Gangnam Style, from the name of Seoul’s most populated district. Launched on You Tube on 24th November 2012, one month on it had already reached one billion visualizations, and two billion in May 2014. Stunning figures that have transformed music into a national industry, so much so, that the Government allows artists to postpone their military service, which is mandatory. A wave of female bands is also gathering consensus and wild fans, like Black Pink and Twice, with over 100 million visualizations. C L, was the 2NE1’s leader and last year she debuted as a solo artist in the United States. Like a whole new generation, the so-called “ulzzang”, the beautiful and talented gathering followers on the social networks owing to their looks and style, as highlighted in the music videos, featuring utmost care for tiniest details, as well as amazing choreographies. This is what captivates music-enthusiast teen-agers, keen on Korean or Asian fashion, that they follow on Instagram, like the special beauty care, involving constant face masks, creative haircuts and colours, ranging from pink to teal. The hype is such that Seoul Fashion Week has signed an important agreement with WHITE, the Trade Show under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan, to showcase, during the show, approximately twenty brands symbolizing Asian creativity, like Dozoh, label created by designer Dongwook Jo Choo, who graduated from London College of Fashion, focussing on a modernist menswear, Nal Project, womenswear brand exploring all the aesthetic facets of modernity, 1LStudio, D-Antidote, Contempoh and ATM. The Government supports this widespread creativity with the project Ten Seoul Designer, through funding and sponsors allowing the picked brands to partake in several fashion weeks. Alfredo Canducci, Sales and Business Development Director with Tomorrow Ltd, expert in the scouting of Korean and Asian brands, based in London, is convinced that this style – mixing pure design and marked suggestions – already acclaimed in Asia, can gather notable consensus on the European markets too. “They are Instagram communication masters and are capable of blending huge popularity with a clear-cut concept of style selection. It’s just the beginning, they have a bright and interesting future ahead”.

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