Venice – chronicles from a submerged city

Chronicles from a submerged city was born in favor of the Fallani Venice screen printing to support the restarting of activities following the high water that hit the lagoon city on 12 November 2019 reaching 187 cm.

After this exceptional event, the desire is to look ahead and start again, resuming daily activities, this spirit gave life to this project thanks to a series of friends close to the screen printing workshops who involved a series of illustrators, new and old acquaintances by Fallani, asking them to create a graphic linked to the city of Venice.

Bruno Bozzetto, Ale Giorgini, Riccardo Guasco, Franco Matticchio, Andy Rementer, Jacopo Rosati, Guido Scarabottolo, Lucio Schiavon and Olimpia Zagnoli have decided to donate their own work to screen printing so as to allow Gianpaolo, deus ex-machina of this reality, to resume printing with new editions and replace damaged materials.

The illustrations are available in pre-order on, in a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed by the artists, which can be purchased individually or in the folder.

If you are in Venice you can also go to discover the artisanal silk-screen laboratory, active since 1968, and discover the printing process of the project. Nearby you can take advantage of it for a stop in one of these places: 

Alla vedova 
Ramo Ca’ d’Oro, 3912 

Bar/Hostel Combo 
Campo dei Gesuiti, 4878 

Rosa Salva pastry shop 
Calle Giazzo, 6779 

Osteria Del Ricio Peoco 
Strada Nova, Campo S.S. Apostles, 4462

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