Your name is synonym for eyewear made, built, designed and developed in Italy: the perfect combination of heritage and handicraft, with a future-forward vision.

“Making spectacles is like making a dress; this is what I want to offer to my client – so Marco Melis – every little detail can be analysed and selected to reflect the taste and needs of those who wear them.

The custom-made glasses can be tailored in terms of shape, but also on the inside the eyewear rod, where a signature or an inscription can be etched”.  

Melis has designed glasses since 1996, starting from the encounter with the craftsmanship masters to follow all the stages of eyewear design.

This passion led to the launch of MARCO MELIS EYEWEAR, brand that designs and produces limited-edition glasses and eyewear for special sectors, such as shipyards, automotive and motorcycle manufaturers. We sat down with Marco Melis and asked him about his path.

Which are the values and the philosophy of the brand?

At MARCOMELIS Eyewear we start from the design concept and to move on to development in our laboratories, in which we create the prototypes of models that are intended for other brands too. By making use of pantographs from the ‘60s and relying on the adroit hands of handicraft masters from Cadore, we create our collections, thus conveying our craftsmanship and Made in Italy flair.

What are the keywords to best define MARCOMELIS Eyewear?

For sure the sartorial cut, which caters to the needs of the clients or brands, consequently we are extremely versatile in the creation of our bespoke collections, hence the selection of the lenses, the plastic and the cut, which have to be in line with the eyewear.

The detail of the eyewear rod…

Inside the rods of my spectacles there is an inscription that represents the pride of my roots: “Made by an Italian“. We make everything in Italy, unlike other producers, which, although bearing the generic title “Made in Italy”, outsource to Countries that greatly differ from us in terms of culture, ethics and manufacturing background. Made by an Italian means responsibility, knowledge handed down over time, but also research and development.
Made by an Italian, first and foremost, is the work by a craftsperson who hand-makes an object that has been fully conceived, designed and made in Italy, as quality cannot depend on the title “Made in Italy”, but on the transfer onto the product of our handicraft values, as emanation of the history, creativity and resourcefulness of our land.

How was this photography project born? 

The photo shoot arose from the need to share our everyday reality with our clients even before they received our glasses. A photography project made by Carlo Mogiani and Matteo Curti.

How do you envision the sector will change after Coronavirus?

After Covid-19 there will be a huge demand for eyewear, as well as for many other products, due to the fact that many trade fairs have been cancelled. Hopefully, and we are rather optimistic to this regard, true Italian products will be much sought-after, in Italy and across the globe.

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