AGONIST is a photographic story of a Northern fairytale where smells, scents, images and words come together in a sensory and unprecedented union. The rough nature of the North and frosted rocks, the smells, the soothing sound of the sea around it, the biting cold air and lightness in the sky – from dawn to sunset- describe a remote place in the Swedish Archipelago. These are all the main characters of a book about the great driving force behind the work of the creative duo Agonist. Walking in the woods, wandering through the endless meadows that vanish into the deep blue sea that embraces the sky. The landscapes are as a still-image, the atmosphere is thin and wild, full of plants, herbs, long stems and a variety of limestone that constantly absorbs water, decorating the view of rocky peaks that seem design objects, while the wind blowing strong and relentless. Blurry vision of a rough beauty where the scents rise and open the senses almost kidnap. The feeling of being lost, here and everywhere else at the same time: this is what the creators of Agonist, Niclas and Christine live daily and (that) have used as input in the creation of their line of high-target perfumes. Niclas and Christine have chosen two transverse creative figures for taking care of the project: Giorgia Cantarini (journalist and writer) and Julien Boudet (photographer) who have traveled to Gothenburg to discover the magic of their country and keep it onto the pages of this concept visual.

The work of Lydeen duo, with all the difficulties of living on an isolated island is refined and experimental. A rich and huge result in terms of combinations between scents and images that make Niclas and Christine the modern representative of a new wave of contemporary Sturm und Drang artists.

Photography | Julien Boudet

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