Tommaso Rinaldi on Diving in at the Deep End

Perhaps people know you more for appearing on the ‘I can do that!’ talent show, where you had to master the big challenge of doing something totally different to what you do every day, and come third. But the real sports enthusiasts will remember you for your feats as a member of the Italian diving team at the London Summer Olympics 2012 and for your brilliant track record of medals, won in both national and European championships. Tommaso Rinaldi, born 1991, momentarily on leave from the Italian Navy, was up for a photo shoot and a chat to give Man In Town readers a glimpse of his life as he prepares to compete not at Rio but at the later Chinese Olympics.

How did you end up diving?

It’s a family thing, like a tradition; my dad was a diver too, so I’ve been hooked on the sport since I was little.

What has been the most special moment in your career to date?

I’d say at the end of the 3-meter springboard event at the Olympics, when my dad and I just couldn’t stop hugging each other from pure joy and elation. My dad’s also my trainer so it was a breath-taking moment for us both, very special.

What was it like to be on TV?

It was great fun to be on Carlo Conti’s programme on Rai1. I met some fantastic people and it was a good way to see if I could do stuff I knew nothing about, had never tried before.

Future plans?

My plans are totally focused on my sports career, at least while I’m in peak physical and mental condition. I really need more breath-taking highs like that!

What is your style when you’re not poolside?

Very simple, I’m just a guy who likes to hang out with his friends. Actually, seeing as I’m single right now, I’d really like a beautiful woman at my side (he was laughing as he said that, btw, ed.).

Do you have interests other than diving?

Yes, loads, despite such a demanding training schedule. I like to go fishing, to watch movies, to play five-aside football with my mates, or maybe a game of tennis.

How did you like this taste of being a model?

Modelling is great fun. I feel quite at ease and not at all camera shy. I’d really like to do more of it.

Which city has stolen your heart, and why?

The eternal city: Rome. She is my urban soulmate. Rome was where I was born and grew up. Rome has everything. And each time I have to go someplace else for work I miss my beloved city so much it gives me instant pangs of homesickness.

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Model | Tommaso Rinaldi
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