Between heritage and new tech: the new course of C.P. Company.

C.P. Company reinterprets the Italian sportswear since the late ’70s, when its founder – the bolognese graphic designer Massimo Osti – universally considered the “Godfather of sportswear”, ushered in one of the most explosive and magic periods of stylistic Made in Italy creativity, beginning to melt classic landmarks of the functional design (high performance sportswear, military uniforms, work clothes and the traditional british outdoor style) with all artisanal textile innovation and ingenious dyeing clothes techniques, to produce a series of distinctly easy-to-wear garments.

C.P. Company, which was acquired by Hong Kong’s group Tristate Holdings in November 2015, is today focus on technological research to create an urban sportswear with innovative techniques such as the development of the component dyeing technical (dye for individual components), a full range of jackets with Ultrasonic and Thermowelded seams (heat sealed) that eliminate the use of seams or wires or the development of a technical linen fabric, the Vanguard, who succeeds to simulate the performance characteristics of the technical yarns while maintaining the peculiar irregularities and the authentic appearance of the linen.

We talked about the present and future of the company with Peter Wang, President and Founder of Tristate Holdings Ltd. who recounts: “I follow and love the brand since the 80s, I tried to work with CP company twice but both opportunities, for a reason or another, then are blended. I joined the group by working on advertising and now I’m excited to be actively part of it: CP Company has an amazing story, which has lasted for years despite some setback. ”

Which ones are the future plans of the brand? So Wang replied: “The idea is to start again, today, following the high quality heritage and recognition tied to our history, combining the extreme care and research in the field of quality: it’s on the technology phase processing that we focused more. The composition of the garments, the heaviness of the yarns: we do not not leave out any aspect and thanks to high level machinery we have tried to create a very easy collection to wear, reversible garments and with the casual accents, a strong appeal to the contemporary, ultra-light fabrics and colors are dosed to art without excesses, in a fluid and based-on the balance trend. Finally, we look to the web and to the new shopping experiences that takes place online, without ever losing in recognition because the baggage of our brand is important, and from this we cannot ignore.

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Peter Wang e Lorenzo Osti
Peter Wang e Lorenzo Osti

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