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It runs in the family. For all intents and purposes, Gianmarco Tamberi is one of Italy’s most promising young athletes: we will see him competing in the high jump event at the next Olympics in Rio, scheduled for this August. Not surprisingly, Gianmarco gets his passion for the sport from his father, Italian indoor record holder in the high jump competition, as well as from his brother Gianluca, two years his elder (despite holding the record in a different event, the javelin), which only reinforces the intensity of Gianmarco’s dedication to competing. Last summer he set the Italian record in Germany and immediately after he admitted that his secret to success is to never give up, and learn from his mistakes in order improve and find his own path to success. As such, Gianmarco believes that each person is unique and special, in life and in sports, and that talent and style are hidden within the nature of each individual. Will power and devotion, plus a touch of madness, never hurts: a portrait of the young athlete, recounted between one jump and the next.

A family of excellent athletes behind you and an extraordinary career, 2015 was a great year for you! What do you expect from next year?

Absolutely, it was a fantastic year which brought a lot of satisfaction, but I consider 2015 as a year of transition. 2013 and 2014 brought me countless injuries that kept me from competing. They were two very frustrating years, I was training 200% every day without missing a step, but then in exactly the moments I was about to take a jump (in every sense), something always happened: twisted ankles, sprains and pulled muscles condemned me to 730 days of continuous falls! Now I am back, and 2015 has been as a fresh start. The Olympics in Rio in 2016 are a dream too real and too close to be satisfied only with what I’ve already accomplished!There hasn’t been a day since I started training in which I don’t think about the Olympics, I can say with sincerity that at this moment Rio 2016 is the most important thing in my life and I will do everything to win.

What does style mean to you and how would you define your style?

I think that the concept of style cannot be contained in one single word, each one of us has his own personality, just like his own style. Certainly some people may look alike, but they will never be exactly the same! Style is present in everything that a person is, his way of walking, the way he dresses, his way of approaching life, the circles he frequents…it’s all a matter of style! For me it’s fondamental not to imitate anyone else’s style, but instead to create my own, because each of us is unique and that’s what makes us each interesting…Then if it happens that someone shaves half of his beard like I do, I swear I won’t take it personally!

Sportswear or casual clothing? Which do you prefer and in which occasions?

Sporty, casual, elegant…each type of clothing has an appropriate occasion! The key is to know how to wear anything and feel comfortable both in sporty clothes with a Red Bull in your hand or in a tuxedo with a champagne glass. I would never train in suit and tie, but don’t be surprised if I show up to a gala dinner in an elegant suit with Nike Jordans, after all…it’s a matter of style, isn’t it?!

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